Is it art? Or what?

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Art from the attic? A blue-eyed rooster?

Cross stitch looks more familiar...

And then, from the other side of the world...

Coming back home again to pick up a diploma in Northern Indiana! (And putting it in a super nice frame!)

One thing I'm curious about, however. Where is this place? In this picture?

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have you ever thought of having a huge one day "garage" sale?

It looks to me like some one drew Fort Dearborn, which was at Wacker Dr. & Michigan Ave. And put in a modern drawing of the Chicago skyline in the background. I believe the Chicago river would be in the foreground, out of the picture. If I am correct, I think his directions were mixed up. What I know of the Chicago skyline I would say it is looking south which would not be direct into the sun. POPS"30"

I think it's America. There's one of the shining seas in the foreground, the fort built after the pigrim feet beat the thoroughfare for freedom across the wilderness in the middle, and the alabaster city gleaming, undimmed by human tears, in the background. Boy, it really is gleaming, isn't it? So bright it blocks the purple mountains.

I think it's a picture of Fort Dearborn before it was torn down for the new McCormick Convention center after the old convention center burned down in 1967.


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