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I was so bored today. I was home but I was sick. No more late nights all in a row for me! I get sick WAY too easily anymore.

I had carefully pried off some of the bits of remaining molding on the second floor but had to go downstairs and rest every few minutes. Argh...the life of the unhealthy. Yuck. Bed is not my friend right now. Too much on my "to do" list.

So, I did my second best "stuck at home" thing. I did research on house history. And I found some of these photographs:

(Images courtesy of the Archie Database at the Chicago Historical Society)

These would have been scenes from the windows at the back of the house until the streets to the west of us were developed. I can't seem to find the school seems to be gone.

But where did the boys go?
Are they just ghostly black and white images on film? Or did they grow up, marry, find a little happiness and hard work?

I do not know and it bothers me that I do not know.

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Well, I did find this report from 1917 about the Parental School which confirms a long held suspicion of mine that we live in what used to be known as "Bowmanville". Interesting. A relative of Aaron's was a Bowman who lived close by. Makes you wonder...

I believe the Bowmanville neighborhood is a little south of you. There is a Bowmanville St. It runs on an angle from approx. Ravenswood or Damen Ave. to Western Ave. in a SE-NW direction if I remember right. POPS"30"

Here are three of your boys:

Andre Williams

Maulana Modibo Eusi

Delinquent boy, no name given

Someone over at Loyola wrote a dissertation on the history of the school (it was around until 1975!).

There was also apparently a Girls Parental School over in our Rogers Park neck of the woods.

Pops is right about Bowmanville - it's the neighborhood immediately south of Rosehill Cemetery, north of Foster. The street itself is better known to area residents as the Bowmanville Expressway - due to folks cutting speedily between trendy Lincoln Square and trendy Andersonville.

Didn't mean to be dismissive of Andersonville as trendy - it's home to our favorite Dala horse, over the counter at Svea.

Yes, there was a girls parental school in East Rogers Park.One of my old girl friends was a student there. This would have been in the late 60s. I believe it was on Lunt Ave. Not sure...POPS"30"


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