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About a week and a half ago, we asked people to send in their worst house stories when we posted this picture of Derek's "Mother of all Mouse Nests"...

Now it's time to VOTE FOR YOUR CANDIDATES!!!

We don't have punchcards or fancy kiosks here at HouseinProgress, but we can use two things: 1) email, and 2) the Honor System.

Remember the honor system? Boy, I sure do. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Hangen, drummed it into our heads and it was the first case of dread that I experienced as a six year old. "What if I have already blown this honor system thing??!! Because I didn't know about it??!! Why didn't they tell me about this in kindergarten???!!"

I was kind of high strung like that.

Anyway, you will be voting for your candidates (one reader equals one vote) by sending EMAIL to a special account for scientific tabulation.

Here are your choices:

#1 Derek, his mouse nest, the 10 ft x 2 ft hole in his rotted floor, and the 70 sq feet of removed stucco. (Story here)

#2 Sean's mummified kitty and its removal--which caused it to fall into pieces (Story in comments section here)

#3 John's rotton termite-destroyed walls, LIVE termites (eating the house out from under him) and HIS skeletons. (Story starts here)

#4 Jonathan's houseful of bat "guano" and one iron fell when the ceiling came down--stitches required (Story in comments section here)

#5 Cheryl and the crazy previous owners who REALLY muddled their house, her leg went through the floor in their bath (Story starts in comments section here)

Here is where you send ONE email for the WORST old house renovation project story (by the way, HouseinProgress does NOT collect email addresses or do any foo-foo marketing...we don't have time. Your email will be erased when the vote is over 'cause I have to get insulation into the attic before it snows. Vote with confidence.):

#1 Derek

#2 Sean

#3 John

#4 Jonathan

#5 Cheryl

Happy Voting! Polls close Friday, October 8th at midnight, Central Standard Time. No debates, no spin, no opinionated pundits, no finger pointing or snarkiness. Just happy happy voting here.

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yo yo yo #3 IN THE HOUSE - here's a little bonus page for you... I love all you crazy people for doing this.

I know you get this a lot but, really, your site has saved my life. Maybe not literally (I'm going up on the roof in a few, and I don't think my laptop will help) but certainly in terms of mental stability.

I have always lived with handy people, and I've built a boat, so I felt competent to take on an old California Craftsman in Oakland. Ha! Ha Ha Ha! I love my boyfriend, but he is a babe in the woods (or the toolbox, as it were). He's game and helpful but he doesn't have any experience with tools. All my handy friends live elsewhere. We're even bringing our parents out from the corners of the US this weekend just to have some second opinions and sound advice. As they've never met in the 3 years we've been together, this may not have beeen the best idea, but painting forges bonds, right? And the dads want to get under the house to see real Knob and Tube wiring for themselves.

So, your web community, your DIY hints, and your sense of humor have given me great solace and inspiration. Thanks. And the site design is really beautiful.



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