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I am SO COLD! It is freezing in Chicago. September got away from us because of work and put us behind schedule. So, that insulation in the attic? Those stripped and repainted storm windows? The weather stripping?

Um. Those aren't done.

So, we freeze. And as we freeze, we sing to stay warm. Right? Oh sure. We're dunderheads that way.

We start off with "Whispering" because we are afraid to open our mouths too wide. Teeth will freeze.

We strike up a rousing rendition of "On the Road to Mandalay" because that sounds warmer than where we are now.

Moving on to sheet music where the people look warm because they are huddling together...

Like here, in "The Moon Got in My Eyes." (We are not, however, going to sing THIS, because it is too cold. Two, because it is too weird.)

Or on the cover of "The Moon of Manakoora." Dorothy Lamour always looks warm.

We would like to curl up by the radiator and "Let the Rest of the World Go By." But that is not likely to happen. :(

So "Where Do We Go From Here?" Into the trunks to look for the heavy blankets. It's going to be a long week.

p.s. This last piece of sheet music is kind of a mystery. It is from the Girl Scouts of America and I can't find any definitive reference to it online. Anyone know the story behind this one?

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It has been cold at night! Those squirrels have been very busy this month which my grandmother always said indicated a cold winter coming. DH put a heated mattress pad AND an electric blanket on the bed - dual controls so he can really toast himself. It takes him until Thanksgiving to pull the air conditioners from the windows and that's why it's extra cold for us now. You might try one or both of these but I warn you it's even harder to leave the bed in the morning!

"where do we go from here" is from the early 70's when the girl scouts saw an increase in woman's libers in the position of scout masters. The new scout masters believed in promoting women's rights and didn't focus on camper survival skills which resulted in many girl scout troops becoming lost in the woods. The song book was used to occupy the troops while search and rescue teams attempted to save them.

"Where Do We Go From Here," is the title to Martin Luther King Jr.'s last book, I believe. When was the music published? It might have something to do with that.

I'm so old I remember all those songs except the girl scout song....POPS"30"

Hmmm. I originally laughed when I read Rocko's comment, but a little sleuthing turned up the following information...The first national women's liberation conference was held in Chicago in 1968. Betty Friedan (famous feminist and author of "The Feminine Mystique") was asked to be on the Board of the Girl Scouts Organization in the 1970's. So the connection to the Women's Liberation Movement seems right on the nose! I still can't find out any information about this particular song though. I DID find the Girl Scout semaphore flags from our basement (we thought they were for the Boy Scouts!) which were used in the 1920's, and found out that our thin mint cookie labels are from the 1960's.

Hmmmmm....still looking...

Here's a story about vintage sheet music that will warm you up:

Ken, who collects many things, also collects vintage sheet music. A few years ago, when we were still dating, we decided to throw a small party at his place. Since I was meeting some of his friends for the first time, I was really nervous beforehand, trying to make sure everything was perfect before the guests arrived. In the middle of my frantic last minute preparations, Ken calls to me from the living room to come see his latest piece of sheet music. Rolling my eyes, I went into the living room to tell him that this really was NOT a good time to be fussing with old sheet music. And there in the candlelit living room, propped up on the piano, was a piece of sheet music from the turn of the century, titled "Mary, Will You Marry Me," with an antique engagement ring lying on the keyboard.

Since we had guests arriving any minute, I didn't have time to run to the computer and do an eBay search for sheet music titled "Sure, What the Heck," so I just said "Yes."

That was almost 3 years ago...we finally got the license last Tuesday, and the big day is Oct 30...

by the way, isn't "let the rest of the world go by" the song that meryl streep and robert redford danced to in "out of africa?" it sounds really familiar.

HooRAY! Congratulations Mary and Ken. WhOOO HOOOO! (Cool wedding date, by the way)

And, yes, I love "Let the Rest of The World Go By". I wore OUT the soundtrack to Out of Africa playing it over and over again back in the 80's.

I can remember my father, who sang on the radio in the early 30s, singing to my mother." We'll build a sweet little nest, somewhere out in the west, And let the rest of the world go by" POPS"30"


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