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I am tired from today's frantic scrambling towards winter-proofing the house before the temperature takes a permanent nose dive.

So. Here is some stuff.

Calamity Jane was a raccoon AND a cowgirl. And a musical. (I was wardrobe mistress for that musical in 7th grade, I think.) Also...a movie.

Whitefish Bay Resort was near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The resort pictured here on the cup was built by Captain Frederick Pabst (of beer fame) in 1889 and it was a popular lakeside travel destination until 1914 (the year our house was built...hopefully, no connection.) It closed in 1915 and was redivided up into multiple residential lots. So, Whitefish Bay Resort is no more. (But the Bed & Breakfast is still across the street.)

Our friend Paul's daughter laid claim to this Boy Scout treasure pretty early. Its vintage look is just the thing for an oversize purse.

Ahhh. Lil' Buttercup. Gilbert & Sullivan Pictur-tone Record recorded by The Merry Singers :)

And what winterizing project would be complete without digging these out and shining 'em up?

Can you guess what they are?

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Humidifiers? Fill up the cavities with water and hang them on the radiator!
oooohhhhh..... I want some of those!
um, if that's what they are.

Yes, you fill those up with water and hang them from the radiators. My parents home had something similiar, and the radiators with metal covers had long trays that were on top of the radiator but under the lid that was also filled with water.

Had those in my Chicago house. Hot water radiators, the old cast iron kind, are very efficient at heating as they hold the heat long after the furnace shuts off. However it is a very dry heat & should have some sort of humidity added....POPS"30" ps. the same is not true for steam radiators.


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