You Know You Live in a Fixer-Upper When...

Category: Daily Diary find yourself giving a house tour to friends, and you REALLY see things you hadn't really noticed in awhile THROUGH THEIR EYES. You realize that you are comfortable living with things that others find quite strange looking.

Here's the paneling that we removed when we were assessing the condition of the original fireplace. Six months ago. Somehow, we have become comfortable with this wrecked wall behind the piano.

We found this door from another house that was being demolished and propped it up to block the doorway between our temporary bedroom and the crazy back porch. We needed to keep the cat out of our bedroom for awhile. Then the door tipped over when the dog got excited and the door hit the corner of the bed, creating a large hole. Was that really two years ago?

GUEST: There's a hole in that door...

ME: Hmm. Yes. Yes, there is.

GUEST: (Silence)

ME: Well, over here we have the bathroom...

Do we stop seeing these things on purpose? Or are we in major renovation denial?

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Well (I know) I have told the husband, "we have to fix x,y, and/or z before we stop seeing 'it'"
Things start to look "right" after awhile...
I don't flinch (much) anymore when I tell people we live in the "greenish" house. It was avocado (decades ago) and has faded to an ugly dirty mint...

I refer to this as house blindness. When you have a big hole in the wall for a long enough period of time, you kind of forget it's there. When I first bought my house I had a table saw sitting in the dining room for two years - people would comment on it when they came over, but then I'd tell them how convenient it saved me a lot of trips up and down the basement stairs.

Oh so sad and true! My latest:

Neighbor peeking in front door: Oh, you must be putting in another new window. I see one sitting there in the living room.

Me: Huh? Oh, yeah, forgot about those. They've been there for a few months....

As the weather turns colder, windows = coat rack. (sigh)

Hooray! I can post again!

Sorry, everyone. Small malfunction on the comments posting function while we were trying to thwart sp*mm*ers.

They are like mosquitos. Or thousand leggers. Just when you whack one and think, "Whew. That one's dead"; out pops another one.

Just had a mom pop by with her toddler today to play with my little one. I realized as she looked around the living room at the exposed insulation and ripped up fireplace that her living room is probably quite neat and -- dare I say -- child friendly. I guess our next play date might not be held here...

Boy, can we relate. Whether its the holes in the sheetrock, the big gap between the tile floor and the someday to depart Pergo, or the deck with half a rail, there is plenty in our house that the eye just slides past if you let it. There is another danger I've discovered too. When guests come to your house and see all the changes you've made they say things like:

Them "Wow, this is a great deck you've built!"

Me "Yah, its half done. Wait 'till we do X, Y, and Z...

Them "Your tiling looks great!"

Me "Well, we're not happy with this, this, and this. See the mistake I made hear?"

After a few rounds of this, they get discouraged with complimenting your work and being told why its not good enough or finished yet. Then they get bored and (I think) start wondering how they can skip the rest of the tour gracefully.

Taking credit for your hard work can be hard to do sometimes.


We've only been in our house a month, and I'm already beginning to un-notice things. Peeling paint just about EVERYWHERE, for one. Last night I was thinking of inviting a friend to spend the weekend with us, but then I wondered - would she be terrified of our house?

What's really annoying is when I can miss it for months and then suddenly when company is coming over I start to see everything in its horrific glory and kill myself trying to fix it all. Which never works but somehow I never seem to remember that the next time.

My husband and I ripped apart our front enclosed porch while we had guests and had to board up the front door and made said guests go through the back door and very overgrown, unkempt yard all dressed to go to to a wedding.



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