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We found this camera in the house last spring (and its case). Funny, it's a camera that has a very visible a role in the second Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry's friend, Colin Creevy, uses it in several scenes when he is "playing journalist." It's an Argus C3 Matchmatic 35mm camera! This camera saves Colin's life, when he glimpsed the Basilisk through its lens instead of with his eyes.

(Photo courtesy of The Leaky Cauldron)

We even have the funky flash! Or, we did have this. The "Harry Potter Camera" is now in its happy new home with our neighbors, the Chicago Art Teachers.

I really like Harry Potter. My nephew, JC, turned me on to the books and I think that they are awesome. He's always updating me when there is a new movie or book coming out. Thanks, J!

If any Basiliks try to take over our street? These muggles are SO READY for them.

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After reading and enjoying your post, I found a cool (not like paralyzingly chilly) link:

Ooh, I love Harry Potter. The third movie comes out on DVD today. I ordered it from Circuit City because it's only $14.99 there on the first day it comes out.


i LOVE Harry Potter. They bring back my childhood in spades when I read the books. I always had my nose buried in some series or others. And the movies are great too!


Great link on the basilik. When I read the word in the Harry Potter books, I did a double take. Because I had read that word in a book before...where? Where...

The Book of the Dun Cow which completely rocked my world and was suggested to me by old pal, Sterling Twlight :) (hi patti!)

OMFG, Jeannie!! I can't believe you discovered Walter Wangerin, Jr.'s book!!

So here's my story about it. When I was in elementary school, I spent A LOT of time in the library. I mean a LOT. So the librarians got to know me verrrrry well. Mrs. Lewis was my favorite librarian. She was a terrible curmudgeon (I have collected those throughout my life, she was merely an early sample) who liked me because I was such an avaricious reader. Like the best children's librarians she knew what I would like and would recommend books to me, even if she herself did not like them.

So one day, I walked into the library and Mrs. Lewis showed me to "The Book of the Dun Cow".

"Here," she said. "YOU'LL like this one."

There was such a clear emphasis on the "YOU'LL" and so I said, "Ah, Mrs. Lewis, did YOU like it?"

To which she replied, "I DETESTED IT. But YOU will love it."

And, as I recall, I did enjoy it very much. But I can no longer remember that much about the book itself. I've just never forgotten Mrs. Lewis' rather scathing recommendation.

I still have a hardback copy somewhere at my parent's house, I think.

Tony! You collected curmudgeons???!! ME TOO! My grandpa (mom's side) was my first. Few teachers were in there, including my old shop teacher in middle school. (Thank you, sir, where ever you are.)

Book of the Dun Cow is an amazing book. And a freak out of a read. Especially when you are in the 4th grade. Zowie! I went back and read it a few years ago and "got it" on a completely different level.

I want to be a Mrs. Lewis someday. :)

So I was telling K about this and I suddenly realized that the hardback copy that's at my mother's somewhere? Mrs. Lewis gave it to me!

I'd forgotten this part of the story, but in retelling it to K. after I posted here, I rememberd that Mrs. L. hated TBOTDC SO MUCH that when I said I liked it, she gave it to me!

I was horrified at the idea of anyone (especially a librarian) *not wanting a book* that I took it into protective custody! I also recall thinking it was so cool to have a REAL LIBRARY BOOK in my collection, with the hard cover and the plastic wrap and the pocket for the card and EVERYTHING. Neat-o keen.

As for collecting curmudgeons, I still do. I collected quite a few at SCNT, too. ;-)


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