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Wow. I ran across a group of somewhat blurry pictures of random things that were on top of the piles the first night we took possession of the house. It's a bizarre collection. I can't explain all of these things.

You can click on any one of these to make it larger.

Who was the public relations rocket scientist who came up with "Have a Great...Chicago"???? Granted, it was the 70's. The decade that also spawned "Ancient Chinese secret, huh?" and "Rosie and the Quicker Picker Upper"...

Were you a First Day Rider in 1969? Somebody was.

This is Hoduri the Tiger from the Seoul Olympic Games...

But there was this lovely lady lamp floating through the piles...

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How about Madge and "you're soaking in it?" I actually believed that Palmolive was used in fine salons everywhere during manicures.

I have fond memories of staying up all night in Germany with my brother watching the Seoul Olympics. I don't remember the tiger, though.

Mitch is admiring the lovely lady gams...I mean, lamp!

Wow. That lamp is just BEYOND. Yowza.


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