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When my parents came out for the holidays, they brought some photos with them.

They had driven through the little town where we had rented a house on a farm when I was in the first and second grade (St. Marys, Ohio). This was my first old house. It sparked my love of old houses.

It had a main staircase AND a servant's staircase. It had tiny nooks and alcoves. It had beautiful woodwork. It had a music room and a balcony.

It had fireplaces everywhere. There were a few barns and a paddock. There was a rope swing. There was even a one room schoolhouse and an old cemetary on the property when we were there. I think the St. Marys River (or maybe Koop Creek?) flowed through the property, too.

We used to hunt for Indian arrow heads in the field behind the house. We had a goat and a pony. I used to visit our elderly neighbor, Lizzie Walters, who would play "Turkey in the Straw" for me on an old Victrola.

Since then, the company that owned it has fixed it up and converted it into a training center. Which is better than tearing it down, I suppose.

But I like to think it is still the same in my dreams of it.

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Wow, it is beautiful! And such lovely memories ...

Reminds me of a place my family owned when I was in 7th-8th grade. It was just a patch of land with a shack on it where we'd "camp", but it was once a plantation. There was a pre-Civil War cemetery, and we thought we found the spot where the house originally was. Also lots of wagon wheels and other old farm paraphernalia.

I don't remember when I first became interested in old houses (maybe I was born this way), but that place really stands out in my mind.


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