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You sent in your ideas and, from those, we created the ultimate old house lover's collection!!! We tried to cover a variety of artists and styles so that you could tailor your own favorites from this list.

We ended up with over 130 songs from the submissions on this site, Fine Homebuilding's Breaktime Forum and our own research. They were so much fun to put together, I didn't think publishing a list was quite enough. So, we published our very own iMix Playlist in iTunes...

Click to launch iTunes and the "Old House Music" playlist

Note: You'll have to have iTunes installed to use this link. Don't worry--it's free!

iTunes will let you listen to 30-second samples of each song in the iMix, then buy the songs you like if you want them. Or you can dig them out of your own record collection! (This allowed us to share the fun without running afoul of copyright issues.)

Be sure to check out:

Bungalow by David Hakan,

Crumbling Plaster by Julie Lloyd, and

The Plumber Is The Man by Ann Zimmerman.

These are three of the more unique selections that will be appreciated by old house lover's everywhere.

Our favorite song that sums up life here at House In Progress? Why, A Hammer & a Nail by the Indigo Girls, of course!

p.s. There were a few songs that we couldn't find on iTunes or in our own record collection. But they are great as well!!

1. Can You Please Crawl out Your Window - Bob Dylan
2. Hard Times Have Been Here - Bill Monroe
3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Beatles
4. Fixing a hole where the rain gets in - Beatles
5. The House Above Tina's Grocery - Kevn Kinney
6. This old house is burning down tonight - The Clarks
7. A Home - Dixie Chicks
8. The House Carpenter's Daughter - Natalie Merchant
9. My Arms Are A House - Hank Snow

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I have iTunes installed, but nothing seems to be happening. Is it just my computer? Can I access the playlist through the iTunes music store? I want to hear all the ear candy...

Hmmmm...I tried the link here at home and it worked. There was a big 5 second delay before iTunes launched, but it did work. Could it be a difference between Macs and Windows?

I then tried to search for the iMix within iTunes and it didn't come up. ???

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K...."

i had no problems with the link, and i thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through the playlist---how fun!

long time lurker, first time commenter...my wife and I have been working on our 1922 bungalow in Tacoma for a few years now and I've enjoyed reading about your work.

wonderful list you've put together on ITunes, I have already done some significant "harvesting"

Harumph--it's a sad day when iTunes doesn't work on an Apple! There ought to be a way to go into the music store and punch in the playlist #, but there isn't! Humbug.

Ilsabe dear, we need to drink more wine after the holidays and then we can just play and sing all of these songs ourselves. ;) BYOM (Bring Your Own Mic...sound system? No prob. )

I know you for the true rocker that you are...


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