Still camping with a mortgage?

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Last night, I was searching for some information about the house that I couldn't remember. And I stumbled across old notes and photos from our very first tour inside.

It's hard not to want to "grade" your progress at this time of year. Time still seems to move very slowly. And, because we are still working inside of the walls, progress looks like chaos.

It really was a bit more chaotic back then, although it is difficult for me to see that sometimes. Does it still feel like we are camping with a mortgage, as I wrote to our pals on the Bungalow forum in June, 2003?

Well. Maybe not AS much. I used to come home to this...

Now I come home to this...

We used to have a lot of these that didn't work and blocked the sunlight... we have re-built windows and no need for these. Which is means lots of sunlight.


What is the next large project we'll be tackling?

We need to transform this. (Photos taken right before we moved in.)

Yes, all of those pictures are from the second floor bathroom. The one we used last winter. Where we had to turn the shower on and off with a wrench and there was no heat.

Please wish us luck. And stop by if you'd like some s'mores.

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Wow, looks like you've got the same purdy formica-counter-faux-marblish backsplash we've got in our upstairs bathroom, complete with the bubbling and peeling.

We'll be watching your progress since we've got two bathrooms to redo. The tub we're using now has expanda-foam around the edges instead of caulk because the walls are so rotted that a line of caulk was pointless.

Great nativity link - what's with all the smores paraphenalia lately? Out of control.

Good luck with the renovations!


Can I safely assume that there is no longer a rocking horse in the bathroom? :)

I've been meaning to ask if you have a generalized update on the status of your house-in-progress. I've been a faithful reader for months, but I don't have a very clear sense of what you've completed and what remains to be done. Do you feel like doing a check-in entry?

I love the Log you have put together.
We are exsperienceing some challenges with our new home.
2 days after we got the keys we found out the roof leaked. This caused about $7000.00 worth of damage so far. We did find out and were able to solve other problems that could have brought the entire roof down on our heads.

We also found out that our ceiling was the local West Coast home for generations of birds. After removing 30+ pounds of bird yuck I gave up and let them close everything up.

Keep up the good work. And remember... We will get plenty of sleep when we are dead. Me and my wife seen no ends to the long nights, but we know that we and the house will be better for the efforts.

Take care.

Someday, where that chandelier teeters on boxes and boxes of who-knows-what, you will rest your head on a bath pillow as you soak away your stresses in your clawfoot tub.

[Signed, your semi-partner in second-floor bathroom design collaboration. :) ]

P.S. - Is it me or are there footprints worn into that bathroom scale? Was your P.O. OCD about lbs.? (Sorry, long day, getting a bit punchy.)

Found your site through American Bungalow and love it. You've been a huge help & inspiration as we tackle our 1928 bungalow. Even the handyman says the bathroom (which also had the pretty gold-and-faux-marble laminate around the tub) now looks like Baghdad. We also have to replace our damaged hex tile, and I'm loving what you did with the grey and white Daltile in your first floor bathroom. Do you remember which gray grout you chose? It looks fabulous and I want to copy! Thanks.

Can I tell you how much I love the bungalow and old house community?

Can I? Can I?

You guys rock my soul to the ground. Here I am, feeling grumpy and very Scroogish. Insomnia is kicking me in the head and I have been averaging 3-4 hours of sleep per night (whoo! hoo!) since last Thursday.

And then you wrote such nice things that I felt very ashamed of my hand wringing behavior and felt all warm and fuzzy and...well. Let's just say I got the same feeling I get when I drink a very nice, large glass of merlot. Without the merlot!

Seriously. We need a our own type of national festival or something. Instead of Woodstock, we can Two-by-Four Stock?
I'm a little punchy.

How about Woodstick?

Three days of Peace, Love, and Mortgage Camping?

Hey H.I.P.
All I can say is hang in there! Our 1920's bungalow just outside of Chicago was a great find but had been remuddled. Most of it is okay and in good shape but it will take awhile to fix her right. With 1 income, 2 kids, a black lab pup , 2 turtles and sleep problems like you,I can identify with your stress.
I like the idea of "WOODSTICK 05" if your really serious. I have been checking in on your site since I came across it in june and I am impressed by what you take on .Not many homeowners, who have never done this type of work take on these projects. Let alone set up a web site to boot.Well let me know about WOODSTICK 05 because it would be nice to get together with others going through the same things as we are on our homes and life! Well take care and say hi to the other half for us.

Bob,elizabeth,Hannah,Jacob,Bandit(lab pup), Wink(she turtle)and last but not least Larryboy (boy turtle)

We often make noises about coming to Chicago to visit a friend from here who has gone there to finish a degree. I want to go to Chicago for the museums, in addition to seeing Mel, and also eating in restaurants we don't have here (always a must). Now I have an additional goal in wanting to meet my fellow un-muddlers.



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