Ephemera and other mysterious items from the attic

Category: What on Earth!?

Unpacking boxes still untouched in the attic, I feel bounced around the world and decades like the Super Ball I found in the backyard. It's dizzying and overwhelming. Except for being left behind in the house together, these items don't seem related to each other...

Like this issue of VOKS from Russia...the All-Union Society of Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. I don't know much about this organization or the connection with the house. In the timeline of things, this could be Stalin & Trotsky or Stalin & Krushchev. Either of these name combinations sounds like a maker of fine Russian leather goods...in the case of the latter, shoes would certainly be appropriate.

Cathedral Church of Canterbury...Chaucer and Beckett and the Wife of Bath...oh my.

Paper of the Main Communications of Italy? A map.

Old Coin Exhibitions...I believe that this one was from 1956 and involved members of the Chicago Coin Club...

Perugia in Italy...oh, for a villa right now!

And the mysterious "White House" trinket box...where was this produced? And for what event?


p.s. Alice at ThatRabbitGirl posted about a delightful site called "Ephemera Now"...very fun stuff. We've said it before...we love librarians.

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I feel there would be some interest in the coin exhibit booklet. Some coin collectors are fanatic about those kinds of things. Especially if they are old. Is it dated? Maybe Northern Trust could shed some light on it....POPS"30"


Tell us more about the issue of v.o.k.s. Is it all in English? Is it propaganda or what? I'd really like to see that.


This "Category: What on Earth!?", about"mysterious items from the attic", is definitely one of my favorites on this site ! :-)

Of course, I love your technical/practical insight about renovating and decorating too. But "What on Earth!?" is really fun to read.

- a fan from France.


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