Too Long in the Map Room

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We have been sleeping in the "map room" for much too long now.

With no heat. Waking up with grit on our front teeth from all of the renovation flotsam and jetsam that hangs in the air. Climbing over boxes and belongings to get to the bed.

And I'm starting to see things in the maps on the wall before I turn off the light at night.

I stare at this map, wishing for sleep.

(Click on the photo. It will get larger.)

I cannot sleep so I stare. And I stare. And I stare.

I see...

A bird.

An octopus.
Which only has one eye.

And a moose. With a disturbingly long tongue.

I think I am horrified and fascinated by this moose head because I keep thinking of a story Aaron's dad told me from their recent trip back to Sweden. The town went on a moose hunt. And had all the heads (40 of them!) sitting in a yard. The visual is kind of Homer's Odyssey-ish (when he meets Medusa), as pictured on my bedroom wall.

I keep wondering if I can't sleep because of my insomnia, or because the house is in chaos.

But I think it is the moose head after all.

Or this photo. One of those two, probably.

I am so tired that I am babbling incoherently. I'm signing off now.

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When we moved into our house we decided to make the dining room into the master bedroom. This was a heroic effort as the renters before us (before the bank did a repo) had used that room as the kennel. We did quite a bit to tear down and rebuild from the floor up. Unfortunately the sheetrock had been wallpapered directly, without benefit of primer. When we tried to remove the lovely aquamarine paisley print paper we found that it would, like as not, pull the paper layer off the gypsum with it. We spent literally about 100x2 hours painstakingly extricating the wallpaper from the sheetrock on one wall and the let hell fly and pulled it loose from the other three. For about two years after that the tiger striped walls of white gypsum and bits of brown craft paper constituted the surface of the three walls in our bedroom, with the blue painted and smooth wall buttressing the head of our bed.

Then, finally, we decided to apply a layer of sand paint over the rough walls and then paint over that. It took less than 10 hours to trowel over all three walls. In short order I covered over all my friends that I had come to know while laying in bed and staring at the wall. "Goodbye creepy devil guy with the long fingers! Goodbye short fat laughing monk. So long toady woman." I guess they are still all under there, but now-a-days we just don't keep in touch.


I spent last night listening to a furious wind crash against our house; it was so fierce, at one point I definitely felt the house sway.... and our house is no small thing to be pushing around! My anxiety over the storm (and what damage it might be doing to the crumbling chimney and other fragile areas of the house) compounded by my anxiety over my giant to-do list and our ever-increasing money woes kept me up until 5am. I wish I had a map to stare at!

Hope your sleep patterns improve, or you get a cozy "safe haven" room finished soon so you have a retreat from the grime!


Mindy, we had a line of severe thunderstorms come through our area yesterday, and I was in a panic hoping nothing was happening to my house while I was at work. I comforted myself with the thought that it has been there 103 years and made it through many a storm before.

Wow, that moose link should come with a warning. How sad for him (her? how does one tell?). :(

As for your map animal "friends," maybe it's time to mix things up and rearrange the furniture to give you a different view? Best wishes for good sleep.


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