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We didn't find many pieces of furniture in the house. I did save an old bureau which has a very special drawer.

I call it my "What on Earth?" drawer.

This drawer tends to collect the smaller things we come across when working on the house. Things that fall out of the ceiling or out of the walls. Things in the bottom of large boxes. Things I want to tuck out of harm's way.

If you opened the drawer, here are some of the eclectic things you'd find.

A group of miscellaneous things, including: a hand-carved folk art rooster, a clay marble, a wooden domino, a metal driving man, a package of Shaeffer's Skrip cartridges, something that looks like a wooden trash can for a doll's house, and a whole lot of glass marbles. (Besides these marbles, we have a whole bag full of Peltier Banana marbles in the basement.)

By way of marriage to Aaron, I have Norwegian relatives now. So I think the most interesting thing in the above collection is the rooster. There was an early folk belief among Norwegians that chicken and geese were connected to fertility. Norwegian folk artists decorated many things with chicken and geese. Heaven knows what a rooster would mean!

Since we are on the subject of carved wood and folk is a beautiful hand-carved foal:

And a funky wood and metal pipe. The pipe stem seems to be made from some kind of real stem.

After some hasty research, I'm thinking that this might be an Austrian or German-style pipe. You can read more about the history of these pipes here (If you don't care for music with your web page, be sure to turn your volume down first! :)

There is plenty more in this drawer...I think this will take up more than one posting!

Looking for More?

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My favorite is the foal.

What, you don't think a rooster has anything to do with fertility?? Seriously, there are a lot of marble collectors who I'm sure would be interested in yours. I know one collector who travels all over the country searchng out rare marbles....POPS"30"


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