"What on Earth?" Drawer: Part 3

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Button, button, who's got the button?

GAH! Okay! Okay! We do. Sheesh.

We also have the key...

...the flick... (Mickey's Mad Dog, 1932)...

...the vintage Field Siren...

...and the snuff box. I think it's a snuff box. It's silver and much too large to be a locket.

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I'm most astonished by the movie, I think.

The key looks like it may be from an old large wind up clock...POPS"30"

We actually found more movies, including home movies. That makes me sad. Who would leave their home movies behind?

Someday, we'll have to cook up some popcorn and have a screening. I think Aaron's parents having a working projector we could borrow.

One of my favorite childhood activities was getting to sift through my great-grandmother's "button jar". She had saved hundreds of neat old buttons of all shapes and sizes. I actually own the collection now, and still love sifting through them. They definitely don't make buttons like they used to!

My dad had two reel-to-reel cartoons that he used to bring out whenever we watched home movies--one was a really old, black-and-white Andy Panda cartoon, with silent titles, and the other was a much (physically) smaller Woody Woodpecker cartoon, in color (no titles). All I remember was that the Andy Panda cartoon involved all his clothes getting eaten by a moth...except for the buttons...


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