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Again, old photos that I never got around to posting from some of our first days in the house. Odds and ends. Stuff.

Mostly bowls and cups.

I love these Asian bowls (? Teacups?). The designs are so beautiful.

I turn to Gotheborg when I have questions about Asian pottery. A truly amazing collection of information.

Just as beautiful, in a different way, is this hand carved wooden bowl. Its slight imperfections make it more lovely. Its surface is worn by many hands.

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Hi Gang!!
I'm a huge fan of yours!
I recognize the wooden bowl...I once lived in the deep south, and this looks like a "dough bowl"..these are bowls which are indeed hand made, and usually passed down from mothers to daughters...Only bread dough is made in this bowl, and it becomes well worn from kneading the dough.
As well, if a woman is in possession of her mothers/grandmothers/aunties dough bowl, she is most surely favoured, as this is a most desired heirloom.

Charlie's right; and if you cover the bowl with a towel post-kneading, the bread rises beautifully.

You should also be aware that hand carved "dough bowl" are generally worth several hundred dollars to thousands, depending on age.

The first two bowls are not tea cups. They are typical Japanese rice bowls. The others are old style tea-bowls. You can hardly find the tea bowls are in use any more except in deep rural areas of Asia.


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