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More sheet music...these are older photos we took but never posted. Some of these will look very nice framed.

Serenade from the ballet "Les Millions d'Arlequin" by Riccardo Drigo, circa 1911. Mikhail Baryshnikov danced a pas de deux to this piece with Cheryl Yeager in 1982.

Wabash Blues as performed by Isham Jones and his Famous Orchestra. The Wabash flows past Purdue University (where jm got her undergraduate degree). Isham Jones moved to Chicago in 1915 (a year after our house was built) and led the Isham Jones Orchestra at the Green Mill (a favorite hangout of ours!)

All By Myself by Irving Berlin.

Don't Sit Under the Appletree...sold by the Jess Dowiers Music Shoppe on Church Street (perhaps in Evanston?) Frank Masters was the leader of a house band in Chicago. He and Isham Jones both played at the College Inn located within the Sherman Hotel, a famous jazz age nightclub in Chicago. (How cool is that?) Sadly, the Sherman Hotel was taken down and replaced by the State of Illinois Center at the corner of Randolph and LaSalle. Replacing your Driver's License is less fun than listening to cool jazz.

Neapolitan Memories is a collection of songs in English and Italian which includes Santa Lucia (the melody of Santa Lucia is the tune for the Swedish Christmas song--Ray Charles did choral writing on the Italian version of the song which was recorded by Perry Como). Teodoro Cottrau, an Italian composer who lived in the mid-1800's, wrote the music.

This is the official march of the John Marshall Law School. By Queenie Secord. Which is quite a name. Unfortunately, I can't find this song on iTunes and my piano skills have hopelessly deteriorated. So I can't tell you how this one sounds quite yet. But I can tell you that "Primus et Optimus" means "First and Best." Or "Oldest and Best." Something like that.

A Rendezvous With A Dream from the Paramount picture, Poppy (starring W.C. Fields ! With Rochelle Hudson and Richard Cromwell ! And Rochelle was a Secret! Agent! During World War II !)

Okay. It's late. I have a different kind of rendezvous with a dream.

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The College Inn!! I remember it well..POPS"30"

I'm going through large amounts of sheet music as well. Helen, our tenant, was an extremely accomplished pianist. There will be a baby grand piano for sale at the house this weekend. Are you willing to part with the Marshall march? My sister-in-law got her law degree there. The only sheet music I have you might want is "I Wish't I was in Peoria" but it's such a great novelty piece I have a feeling that my band will be doing it within the year.


My granny loved "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree". There's a version on Itunes by one of the "sister" groups of the era. McGuire sis? Andrews sis? Lenon Sis? I can never remember which ones. Anyway, its definitely as catchy now as it was then.

My daughter is a Lucia, named after her Neapolitan great aunt. I remember reading about St. Lucia Day as a child but, without a lot of exposure to Swedish culture, I've never actually experienced a celebration. I enjoyed rereading your post about it and look forward to incorporating some of the tradition as Lucia grows up.
P.S. I can't tell you the number of people who feel compelled to sing us the song when they learn her name is Lucia.

To Jess. "Don't sit under the apple tree" was perhaps the most popular song with the GIs during WW2. Also the people on the home front. The most popular version was by Glenn Miller. If memory serves, it was also recorded by the Andrews sisters. If the "era" you mention is the WW2 era,than it is the Andrews sisters. The McGuires & Lennons were years later...POPS

I love looking at old designs.....the font on that Queenie Secord one is very cool. Good finds!

Is the "Wabash Blues" sheet music for sale? How do I find out how to purchase?


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