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After this cold, dark winter....

I will be very happy if it is very warm for May :)

And if I can open the window "Over There" so that a nice warm breeze comes through the screen? That would be lovely too.

The rest of the sheet music? I don't know much about it, unfortunately.

There is music from the Seabees...which begs the question, what are Seabees?

Donald Novis? I know about the Coconut Grove Nightclub, but Novis? Not so much.

I don't much about the Ludwig Drum or Bugle Corps...

Have you got spurs? Do they jingle? Jangle? Jingle? Save 'em, Fred! (Macmurray)

We hear the beat of the Voodoo drum!

Jesse Crawford, organist at the Chicago Theatre, asks, "When Shall We Meet Again?"

Well, probably on my next break from working upstairs. Sigh.

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hehehe! those are hilarious!

Not sure about most of the questions....but a SeaBee, If I remember correctly ( My Grandfather was one) is a branch of the Navy that does construction. They are the ones that build, or rebuild the runways, etc. Did lots of work in the Pacific during WWII. Many times they were constructing in battle zones....not the safest job around!
I don't know if you are looking for stuff to hang on your walls eventually, but some of this sheet music would be great!

I'm with C! Most sheet music is about the same size. This would be a the perfect kind of thing to occupy a big boring wall if you've got one~ frame them identically and range them evenly over the wall. I love that look, but then I love to collect and to see other peole's collections, too. Not everyone's bag, but you really should memorialize some of this "fantastic crap" (a friend's phrase) somehow.
Your POs left you so much cool stuff. All I got was an Ewok Village missing parts and a 3 legged ATT-ATT. They were on display for my 30th birthday party and stirred much nostalgia for when Star Wars was great.

Oooooh, an Ewok Village! I love the Ewoks. My sister's dog looks just like one. :)

C is correct about the SeaBees. name came from their official title "Construction Battalion", hence CBs or SeaBees. They did all the construction on the islands & battlefields. They are still very much alive & well in today's navy...POPS"30"

POPS!!! We miss you when you're not here.

Now! Where is Grandpa Keith?

In '43, took a load, i.e. a new Liberty Ship filled with cement to Midway for the SeaBees to use in construction. Loaded to the 'gills', it was hard to manouver, and we plowed into the dock for which the Capt'n caught 'hell'. (This was a Coast Guard manned ship operating under the Navy.) Next we went to S. Pacific, delivered bombs, amunition & gasoline to New Guinea, where we were torpedoed. It's a long story, guys.

For Grandpa Keith.... I was to young for WW2 but had 3 brothers in. One Army one Navy, & one merchant marine. Phil, the merchant sailor sailed on several liberty ships as well as Victory ships

Realize I'm a bit late but have to weigh in on the Seabees, since that bee is legend in Rhode Island. The battalion, its name and insignia were "born," as it were, in one of the towns my newspaper covers. The Seabee logo, designed by Frank Iafrate, was made into a huge statue that used to grace the entrance of the former Navy base at Quonset Point/Davisville. Most of the old buildings have been torn down and the area now serves as a business/industrial park/port/R.I. Air National Guard base. The Seabees are building a museum and memorial park including the bee statue - using restored Quonset huts, also named for the base - in a portion of the business park and might like your sheet music if you're looking to find it a new home someday. More info on the museum plans, huts, etc. is at (Sorry for long post.)


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