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This week, on the latest episode of HouseInProgress: The Surreal World...What On Earth Edition, Aaron and Jeannie are contacted by Peter Gelfman, mad props master for such movies as Crossing Delancey, Men in Black, and Curse of the Jade Scorpian.

He wanted something out of the basement for a new movie, Fur, about the life of photographer Diane Arbus and starring Nicole Kidman. The glamerous prop he wanted? This...

...Western Reserve Portable Resuscitator, Oxygen Inhalator and Anesthesia Machine from 1955.

You know, there are days when I pine for an already done, simple condo with clean floors. How I'd like to wave a magic wand and whisk us away from this half done house with things poking out of the walls and floors that never seem entirely clean.

And then there are moments of interesting fun, like this one. Where something from the house might end up in a movie and we were able to be a part of that.

So very odd.

Now. Is anyone making a movie about dying houseplants? How about Attack of the Thousand Leggers? Because we can hook you up.

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That is so awesome! I am embarassingly obsessed with Hollywood, so this is especially cool to me. :)

This is so cool and exciting! And, I'm pleased to learn they're doing a biopic on Diane Arbus, for reasons that might be obvious on this page of our site:

Awesome, you guys!

That Nicole Kidman gets all the good parts. So funny, my old roommate from years ago had something that ressembled your equipment there- I was afraid to ask what it was! I thought it might be a bong or something- glad I know the truth now. (Yes I am that silly)

That's cool that you guys are profitting from all that old junk, I remember how you whined about the previous owner leaving that stuff behind at the start of your blog.

Oh, I think the despair around our situation left a few months after we were thrown into it. After that, we just began to make lemons out of lemonade to try and make the best of it. :)

I would say, given the choice, that I still would have rather taken posession of an empty, clean house. But...we weren't given a choice. We just have to find the humor in this situation and keep going.

Just wondering- do you have any idea how much money you hav emade just selling the "stuff". Has it helped pay for the renovation?


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