The Last of the Songs in Here...I Think

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More sheet music. Does it ever end in here? I want to run away to Cali-for-ni-ay.

That would be fantastique.

Or maybe Ireland...that would be nice too.

...just sit and watch the harbour lights...and not think about the windows at all...

...which I've been thinking about night and day...

...but...when the windows are done, they'll let in more sun...

...and I can get out and dig, dig, dig in the garden next.

Slog on!

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You guys probably think these are old. So do I. But I remember a few of them....POPS"30"

"night and day you are the one
only you 'neath the moon and under the sun.
whether near to me or far
it's no matter where you are
i think of you night and day...."

...o how the house dwells on my mind...

There was a small picket line of teachers in front of the county building last week. They are steamed about our Governorís budget idea to cut funding for teachers. One of the signs read:

We Can Teach You How To Say: Cal EE forn EE a

I loved it, and your post just made me think of it!

Strangely, I feel like breaking into song now.

U@ did a really cool version of "Night and Day" shortly after "Achtung Baby". I beleive it's on the maxi-single of "One". Well worth finding.
I love hearing some of these old things re-interpreted~ there's no reason at all that they shouldn't still be alive in the culture.

I love old songs.


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