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Because a few folks are curious, I'm posting the list of all of the things we just donated to "It's New to Me", it's interesting to record for posterity yet another list of all of the things that were left in here! (At the very least, I want to make sure I'm recording this for folks like Cory Doctorow :)

Why did we decide to donate 6-8 station wagon loads of items instead of having a garage sale? Well, honestly, we don't have the time, energy or space to have a garage sale. In a frenzy of spring cleaning, I decided I needed to begin to reclaim the basement.

"It's New to Me" benefits Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) in Chicago. SCH has been around for 120 years and, besides the great care it has offered to many patients over the years, it also assists people in the community with low incomes by providing free or subsidized services while recognizing the need to maintain the dignity of the individual during the consideration process. That is a huge benefit to many people who cannot afford access to quality health care...and the preservation of dignity and compassion is without price.

So, 6-8 carloads later...(on top of the Friends/Family Estate sale, eBay, virtual estate sale, giving things away to family & friends, other donations, leaving things in the alley)...we still have an attic and a garage to go through. But we will have a basement soon! Hurray!

So, if you're local to Chicago and any of these things sound interesting, OR if nothing here sounds interesting but you want to visit a great resale shop which always has fun things, please check out It's New to Me. Fun vintage stuff for sale for a good cause.

(Lest you think I'm a little detail-obsessed, I needed to submit an itemized list with the items anyway. The order is just the "sort" feature in Microsoft Word.)

1 10” carved wooden olive bowl
1 10” high red vintage cookie jar
1 10” wood serving bowl
1 12 x 8 framed vintage floral print
1 1950’s black bakelite desk fountain pen with stand
1 1960 Boyd Dairy Bottle
1 antique pair wire rimmed glasses
1 apron
1 baby bottle figural plant holder
1 Ball jar
1 Bennington Pottery Mug
1 Bicentennial bronze bell
1 Blue & silver vintage brooch – costume jewelry
1 Bociano enamel candy dish
1 bronze altar bell
1 bronze goat bell
1 Butterfly bamboo tray
1 ceramic flower basket pill box
1 ceramic plant dish
1 china bowl – unmarked
1 cotton blouse
1 cradle figurine
1 Cross Pen set
1 cut glass decanter
1 electric dish warmer
1 electric frying pan
1 electric plate warmer
1 embroidered dress bag
1 Evenflo Glass Baby bottle
1 exercise video
1 food strainer
1 German beer stein
1 glass spice rack set
1 gold lame coin purse
1 gold painted serving platter
1 Grayline cup rack
1 hammered aluminum serving/chafing dish
1 Japan Painted Lacquer Box
1 JVC mini-microphone
1 large glass carafe
1 large vintage purse
1 Lefton china Christmas tree
1 McCoy planter
1 Medinah Temple candy dish
1 Metal candy dish
1 pack Linweave Tarot cards
1 package of Duraflash Flashbulbs, circa 1950’s – 1960’s
1 painted porcelain bowl
1 pair vintage children’s medium swim fins
1 palm coolie hat
1 pewter stein
1 picture frame -wood
1 pressed glass footed candy dish
1 pressed glass oil lamp
1 punch bowl/10 cups
1 Rena chafing dish
1 retro 50’s Atomic Age sconce
1 russian brocade wallet silver thread
1 Santa hat
1 set of Muslin sheets, Marshall Field’s, 1950’s, still in packaging
1 silver platter
1 silver-plated card tray
1 silver-plated crumb catcher
1 silver-plated serving tray
1 slide viewer table screen
1 spaghetti lamb figurine in porcelain
1 spun aluminum WestBend Serving oven
1 tin tray
1 VePoAd adding machine
1 vintage Beadcraft outfit kit (scouts)
1 vintage California pottery platter – aqua clamshell – 21” across
1 vintage china teapot
1 vintage Chinese pottery tea set
1 vintage Chinese teacup
1 vintage Christmas tree stand
1 vintage Cub Scout printing press (used)
1 vintage figural laundry shaker
1 vintage Hollywood film splicer
1 vintage Jardinnaire
1 vintage lace potholder
1 vintage pair children’s leather skates
1 vintage pair of adult leather skates
1 vintage Polaroid camera and case
1 vintage silver platter
1 vintage Thread box
1 vintage tin bread box
1 vintage wooden elementary school ruler
1 vintage wooden tennis racket
1 wicker beach bag
1 William Rogers Hostess Set
1 wooden & plastic Chinese abacus
1 wooden palm boat – 21” long
10 vintage skate guards
11 carving knives in wooden block
128 contemporary softcover books
16 vintage softcover books
2 boxfuls of vintage country kitchen items, including 3 Universal meat grinders, andirons, etc.
2 china holly candleholders, signed but unidentified
2 china soufflé dishes
2 decorative tins
2 Elegant-glass cut glass serving platters
2 hammered aluminum plates
2 Indonesian tin masks
2 Kachina Indian root carvings
2 Kholoma Russian painted spoons & 1 eggcup
2 Lefton china Christmas mugs
2 porcelain pheasants
2 pressed glass platters
2 Pyrex glass pie plates
2 raw silk placemats
2 silver plated bud vases
2 small glass carafes
2 small vintage purses
2 spools of carpet thread
2 straw hats
2 tin TV trays
2 videos
2 vintage china cockatoos
2 vintage china plates – unmarked
2 vintage cigarette lighters
2 vintage watches
2 Walt Disney videos
2 wooden recipe boxes
20 silver plated utensils-different marks
3 books on tape
3 Depression glass root beer mugs
3 drinking glasses
3 glass Coca Cola bottles
3 lace doilies
3 Mexican pottery Cuernavaca bells from 1950’s -1960’s
3 Pyrex glass baking dishes
3 small enamel vases from China
4 Corningware bowls
5 Anchor Hocking punch cups
5 vintage ashtrays
60 contemporary hardcover books
67 vintage hardcover books
7 jewelry boxes (wood and leather)
1 Set of Rio Stetson Vintage China:
-1 serving bowl
-8 dinner plates
-8 soup bowls
-Creamer & sugar bowl with lid
-6 coffee cups
-16 dessert and salad plates
Many tiny items too small to mention individually...antique vanity things, tiny penny toys, etc.

137 lawn and silk, embroidered and printed vintage handkerchiefs
1 cotton Judo outfit from Japan
1 knitted vest
1 leather-tooled jewelry box from Mexico
1 linen tablecloth and 4 linen napkins
1 pair of leather lace up shoes
1 pair of rubber ladies shoe protectors
1 snakeskin covered journal
1 wooden footstool
1 wool scarf
11 silk scarves
12 pairs of vintage leather, silk and net gloves
16 vintage hardcover novels
2 feet of black beaded fringe
2 knitted scarf/hoods
2 lambswool scarves
2 large cotton scarves
2 pairs of felt ear warmers
3 pair knitted mittens
3 sets of knitted caps with matching scarves
4 contemporary softcover novels
4 wool tam o’shanters
6 fringed silk and rayon tuxedo scarves
9 contemporary hardcover novels

(These items went to the Salvation Army in Evanston, because It's New to Me wasn't open on Monday, and I needed to empty the wagon:)

1 24” high Peruvian woven basket
1 Atlas Warner Dual 8 Film Editor
1 box of Peruvian Christmas decorations
1 box of vintage camera accessories, lenses and manuals
1 box of vintage plastic Christmas decorations
1 decorative glass bottle (28” high)
1 double chafing dish
1 electric pot
1 figural iron chair
1 filmstrip projector
1 Galiano bottle
1 Galiano figural decanter
1 Haeger flower pot
1 jacket
1 Lenox candy dish
1 set of children’s leather figure skates
1 slide projector
1 tin TV tray
1 vintage purse
2 casserole dishes
2 Corningware casserole dishes
2 film splicing reel-to-reel set-ups
2 pie plates
2 Walkman cassette players
20 volume Time Life set of books
3 decorative tins
3 iron candlesticks
4 antique iron kitchen items – figural nutcracker, wood handled bottle opener, 1 scissor lemon squeezer, 1 lemon press
4 kitchen pans
4 pieces of Pyrex kitchenware
4 softcover contemporary books
5 paper novels
5 wire chafing dish holders
50 hardcover vintage novels
6 brass Victorian tie-backs

Looking for More?

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Oh my Goddess. I have so much more appreciation for why you Just. Needed. It. Gone. Hello excellent tax write off. And I thought I had room to grouse with the 11 truck loads we hauled away from our house. Enjoy your basement!!

Holy smoke! That's almost 1000 items, isn't it?

That is a lot of books! I think that's more books than I have in my collection. I stopped adding them up after I hit 200...

Wow! What a cool windfall for Swedish Covenant Hospital. Those things should fly off the shelves.

whoa, that's a lot of stuff. and there's more?

holy moly batman - that's alotta stuff. Must have taken a while to catalog. I'm even more impressed now knowing you had to cope with all that and your house too. You continue to astound and amaze!

And I complained when we had to clean out our attic last spring of the previous owner's stuff -- all one half carload of it. Yeesh, you should get a medal for cataloging all of that!

Swedish Covenant really hit the motherlode...

Wow. Impressive. Until I saw your list, I was feeling pretty good about the two black trash bags full of clothes I weeded out that are sitting in the back of my Jeep to be dropped at Salvation Army, but now I'm inspired to clean and donate more stuff!

WOW! That your house didn't fall in on itself with all of that "stuff" just amazes me! It just goes to show "they were built to last!" I thought we had it bad when 11 years ago we bought my husbands family home. It's a 1936 Dutch Colonial and it was full to the brim with unwanted items. We are still dealing with "stuff" and the renovations are still happening. I don't think it ever ends!!! I will try to post pictures.


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