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I have finally been able to reach some of the photographs that we packed away carefully last Fall. In sorting through them, I found this:

It's of someone else's house from June 21, 1909. San Antonio, Texas.

I would love to find a photograph of this house so that we could see how it looked "way back when." Thus far, no luck.

So when I am looking at this, I wonder whether the house is still standing and whether the current owners (if they exist) would want a picture of their house.

Luckily, there is an address on the back of the photo:

502 Goliad
San Antonio, Texas

I immediately looked up a map of the area to see if the address still exists:

And it seems to. But I don't know San Antonio, I've never visited, and I don't know how to track down the existence of this house easily.

Any suggestions?

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Local historical societies, or possibly libraries, are a good way to go. Also, maybe the county property assessor could provide information about buildings on a specific parcel...

OK, checked out the Bexar County Appraiser District website: ...can't seem to find anything useful but maybe someone else can. There is an address search, but I couldn't find anything on the 500 block of Goliad at all. The map search appeared to just map the vicinity...

Google Maps satellite view appears to confirm that there is still a house here (i.e. there's not a shopping mall or other obvious land use in this area),+San+Antonio,+TX+78223&spn=0.006974,0.007950&t=k&hl=en

Why not send a letter to the address about the photograph you have with a zerox copy of it. If they respond back to you, you know the house still exists, if they don't, and the letter comes back to you, you know it is gone....

From the BCAD site I was able to determine that the location that most closely approximates "502 Goliad Rd" is "202 McDougal Ave". It's possible that the address naming convention was changed since this picture was taken.

You can see for yourself by going here:
...and then doing an address search. Using the Identify tool you can learn the address of each plat.

Unfortunately all the houses around point appear to be built in the late 1940's.

Sadly I would have to conclude that the house in question (if it ever existed at the location listed on the photograph) was removed to build some post-war tract houses.

You might try to Google the address and see if it comes up anywhere with a name.

I don't know if the house still exists, but I do know that the boy in the middle of the picture is your previous owner.

Out here on the West Coast (Seattle, Portland, etc.) all the houses have pictures from the 1930s. It was a big WPA project to document all structures and houses during that time. See if the WPA did something similar...

WOW! I am from San Antonio (temporarily living in North Pole, AK) but my sister lives there. I have sent her the link. I'll get her to do a drive-by and report back. This is very exciting!

Great photo! In my mind's eye, I can see this house as it stands now: asphalt shingles, replacement vinyl windows and vinyl siding. All the wonderful trim covered with aluminum and the porch missing.

Sorry for the pessimistic outlook. Guess it is that kind of day.

But maybe if the current owners see the great photo, they will be inspired to restore the place.

the house may be still be standing. i went to san antonio a couple of years back and noticed a lot of great old homes similiar in style to the one in your picture. some of the homes looked like they had been divided down the middle (they usually had two front doors). it would be cool if you find the house now. keep us posted.

San Antonio has a GIS site with very specific maps and arial images- you can see homes very clearly.

Go here:

be sure to turn on the aerial view.
Good luck!

Based on the aerial photos from the site listed by emma above, I don't see a structure near that address which has a roofline that matches the house in your picture.

You could e-mail the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. I have had some luck doing that(not San Antonio) POPS"30"

I wish I had read this earlier! My boyfriend just drove through SA this afternoon! He has a house in Corpus Christi, so I go through SA about 4 times a month... and we were there for a convention he attended last weekend, and I was driving around for a while, killing time, and looking for bungalows!

I live in Austin and visit San Antonio for weekend getaways occasionally - the architecture there is AMAZING, most of it in original condition if it is anywhere near the downtown. It has been depressed for some time, so many people never renovated - the down town was near abandoned till about 5 years ago. There is a huge restoration movement in the King Williams districs and some other areas, so it could look similar to the picture, but more run time I go, I am going to look for it and report back. It looks like a house I rented in Austin. The thing about the South, is that all the old home are pier & beam, without basements. The house probably was moved to an impovershed area instead of demolishing, as it is cheaper to do and takes less time. They remove the porches, put it on the back of a huge flatbed truck and literally move it - the house I mentioned above was moved not to long ago. Sometimes you see old bungalows on the side of the highway with for sale signs on them, that have been moved and looking for new land owners to love them.

I told you I would get my sister to do a driveby of the address you found. This is from the email she sent me....
"Also, I went and looked for the house on Goliad that House in Progress found the picture of. Unfortunetly it is not there anymore. The houses on that block look like 1960s - 70s houses, hardly any of them face Goliad and none of them have the kind of land around them that the picture shows. But, boy that house was barely in SA, it was way out there and it would have been even further away back then."
Perhaps you could donate the photograph to a historical/conservation society in San Antonio if you haven't found another plan for it. It's sad that the house isn't there anymore but you have saved a small piece of it! San Antonio has some neat architecture and some cool bungalows. I lived in one and loved it! Hope this helps with the curiosity!

I checked out the address on satellite photos get a little closer then Google. The house at that address now seems to have same roof line as the photo.

I currently live in San Antonio. Although I have not had a chance to actually drive by that house, I can assure you that there are MANY houses there. I have two friends that live in that area... one only a few blocks away. There are a lot of older homes there, but I could not tell you when they were built. Maybe I can get by there sometme, if you are still interested in finding out.

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