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I'm really going to have to get it in gear and work out harder. Just to be worthy of the shower that Aaron has designed.

Some of the glass came in already and it is easier to imagine what it will look like now. I'm impressed! Just to recap, here is what everything looked like before:

It was a beat up tub with a paste-board surround that was crusted with mold (we took these pictures during the walk through before we moved in). The room is narrow and awkward...the ceiling sloped at the point and Aaron had to get creative with the design in order to fit in everything that was needed without a major reconfiguring of the plumbing.

So, he designed this.

The plan required the shower walls to be glass so that light from the windows can reach the space where the sink will be and not make the narrower transition space feel too cramped. So we could make the most of the smaller space and still have it feel light and airy. The fixtures and tile would be retro (definitely more retro than the glued down vinyl on the floor!) but the walls of the shower would be more modern.

So, now we have gone from this:

To this! (The glass is shimmed up there until the third piece comes in...)

See? Now you know why I feel like I have to work out. And get blinds or shades for the windows. Definitely. I don't want the neighbors to know us THAT well.

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Wow, very nice!

wow, may be the nicest shower i have ever seen!! congrats on a job well done and almost finished.

Looks great! What about frosted glass on the window? Lets light in but no one will be able to make out exactly who you are. I love frosted glass!

Remember when Aaron was thinking about becoming an architect? Now we know why. One question about your great shower - will it accomodate two? Sure hope so.

OLOLOL... Is your impilication that you don't want the neighbors to know you THAT well... uinless you're totally buff and gorgious?

Can you give me a hint as to the cost of the glass. I was quoted $1900 for two pieces for a frameless shower. It doesn't seem right. I can't believe two pieces of glass would cost that much.
They wanted another $300 to install it!

Looks great!
I love how the tile work accents the base. Can't wait to see pictures with the plumbing fixtures.

Looks nice. I am also remodeling a master bathroom right now. We decided to go with a curtain rail for our tub/shower but one of the tidbits of advice we received while shopping for a glass enclosure was "Rain-X." I've had two different people tell me to buy some at an auto parts store and treat the glass before using it. It will keep the hard water deposits off and make it easier to clean. I think it needs to be re-applied every 6 months or so.

I have a large (45" x 45") window in the shower and the window installer told me to use - you guessed it - Rain-X on that glass. We chose a privacy glass called "Industrex" instead of simple frosted or beaded. It cost more, but it fit better with the subway tile/retro look we're also going for.


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