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OK, after a great visit from Paul's team during the past few days, we have some fun new photos to share. The fixtures and the remaining shower glass have now been installed. While there's still some grout and woodwork that need to be finished off, it certainly feels much closer than it has before!

Here's the view as you first enter the room from the upstairs hallway...

After you've entered and turned right past the door, you're looking at the clawfoot tub. (Looks better than it used to, doesn't it!) The photos then continue around the room clockwise...

Not bad, but I'll admit to a few pet peeves that are quickly developing since I know some of the compromises that were made.

For example, they had to do some funky things to the tub supply to make it work (partially my fault for ordering the wrong materials).

Originally these were to have been much straighter, but they've taken on a few more twists and turns than I had planned.

Nobody will know that they should have been different, but I guess the torture of an architect's life is knowing what should have been...I'll get over it.

I think it turned out alright considering it is an awkward space...definitely more workable than it used to be! The advantage of HAVING to renovate? Making it over into something better.

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It's BEAUTIFUL - I've never lived in a place with a bathroom that was anything other than basic and functional (and usually ugly), so I'm supremely jealous. It looks so crisp and lovely... and all that light (I haven't had a bathroom with a window since 1995)!

I love the tile, love the built in, love the windows, the shower walls, the tub placement - everything. In fact, can you just mail your bathroom to me? Thanks.

Its gorgeous!

Wow, congratulations! Looks fantastic!

(And I'm so envious...time to get our own bathroom finished.)

You guys did a great job. The built-ins are a treasure in my opinion also.

Beautiful! My favorites are the tub and the floor tile. There isn't a laundry chute in the post is there? It looks like it might be hinged- that would be totally cool! I'm pretty sure you put in a laundry chute, but I don't remember where...

Trissa--The upstairs laundry chute isn't installed yet. We'll have to cut it in later, because we're still deciding on a couple of options on where to put it. It will be someplace around the sink area...

fabulous!! god bless you both for respecting the period feel of the house, and not updating to some weird, inappropriate "spa" bath. it looks fresh, stylish and functional, yet very much at home in your early 20th century bungalow. i love it.

Ahhh I'm GREEN with envy. It's the exact bathroom we have sitting on graph paper inside our little scribbly 'house' book. I love everything right down to the wonky tub pipes. See that's what makes a house unique and loveable...squiggly pipes.

Great Job Guys!
SO much better than the old pink thing ( I do seem to remember a great deal of PINK, don' I ?)
The first time you take a bath....Ahhh!
( And I have to agree, it's the quirky things that TRULY make it yours...I like the wonky pipes as well!)
Rest assured, we see the progress, even when you feel like you aren't making any and are amazed at the things you have had the bravery and gumption to tackle yourselves.
Keep it up!

C - Yes, you're right about the pink. In fact, you'll notice in one of the photos above that we've left a little of pink in there on the bottom interior of the built in (where it will be safely hidden by a door). Makes for a good reminder of the rooms "colorful" history...

That toilet is sweet! Is it Kohler Townhouse? There is overwhelming variety in picking a toilet- did you agonize over making a decision like we did? The whole thing looks great- what color is on the walls?

Looks SO great! You guys must be so proud! I am sooooooooo jealous. :)

Oooo, I adore that bathroom!! And honestly? I love the crooked pipes, too!

Wowee! That is one fabulous bathroom. Now I'm going to go off and sulk because we don't get a renovated bathroom until next year.

I admit I don't know very much about funky,but like the man said,"I know what I like". And I like your pipes. They look like the man did a great bending job to make them symetrical. I wonder
though if the shutoffs are to close to the floor? I hope they are not what I call a knuckle buster...POPS -30-

If the wonky pipes make you crazy... put a free standing towel rack between the tub and the shower. Once you have a towel on it, you won't be able to see the pipes!

wow wow wow, looks so great. if it makes you feel any better at our last house we had wonky pipes on claw tub too. not at this one, nope here we just have the pedestal sinks hooked up with what appear to be washing machine supply hoses. No matter how hard you try heh?? Congrats on a job really really well done. Enjoy!!!

Oh it's so so lovely - congrats.

Hey guys !

It really looks great ! Congratulations for a beautiful result.


BRAVO! That is truly amazing! You did such a wonderful job and continue to be an inspiration! Whenever you get frustrated, run into the bathroom for inspiration! Great job!

I love your bathroom BUT I wouldn't have chosen to put a freestanding tub so close to the corner because I think cleaning under and around it will be a nightmare. Otherwise it's GORJUSS!!!
We have a much smaller BR and I think I will forego authenticity and install some kind of built in tub just for ease of cleaning. (Then again I'm on the other side of 50 so I think of things like that.
The original tub (we think) is down in our basement sans one clawfoot --- maybe I'll plant flowers in it.

Gorgious~ wonky supply lines and all.
Yes, architects can often spend too much time worrying about how it should have been, but that's usaully because a client wimped out or got cheap or just plain made the wrong decision. You guys seem to never do that, like a sixth sense. You walk so many tightropes so successfully with each project and pull it all off so splendidly. I'm glad you now have this space where you can just relax and rejuvinate in your success, because the next challenge is... just outside that bathroom door, right? I can't wait to see the next success!

My husband just directed me to your site for the first time, and I am awed by your new bathroom. It is absolutely beautiful! We're planning to renovate our bathrooms soon and hope that ours turn out looking so clean, well planned out, and professionally done. Great job!

an obvious point not mentioned: because of your pipes, you get to use the word "wonky," which is a fabulous word. i'm off to look for something at oak house that can be described as wonky...

I think you've created a lovely bathroom. Very clean looking. I love the squareness of the sink.


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