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What a day! PMc Rehab wrapped up the work they were helping us with in the upstairs bathroom! (Hooray!)

These guys are princes...really.

Paul & Choco, part of the team

I am so blown away by their attention to detail, their craftmanship, their great advice. Paul McCreedy knows so much about old AND new houses. He is terrific artisan. And he is as picky as we are. :)

We never had to worry that the job would be done right when Paul and his team were on the case. He was able to handle the plumbing work and some of the more complicated carpentry for us too. Actually, they can handle a lot more complicated projects than ours. We were a smaller project for them.

Paul is also a problem-solver and has a knack for finding the perfect details or contractors to handle unusual requests. Need a special wrought iron balcony for a brownstone? He can get that. Unique piece of beveled glass that makes the medicine cabinet more "period" specific? He can get that. Advice on the colors most frequently used in bathrooms of the early 20th century? He can tell you. Copper trim for your restored porch? Check. Need a built-in recreated? Check. Elegant solution to an old house problem? No problem.

He's not a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" sort of guy. (I put that in there to make him laugh.) He takes his time to do it right.

Is there anything that this guy can't do? We don't think so.

PMc Rehab
2646 N. St. Louis
Chicago, IL 60647

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Man, I wish we could find a guy like that here. :)


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