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Um, wow! We just got an email letting us know that a bunch of houseblogs are in today's edition of the Wall Street Journal. So, I darted out at lunch and snapped up a few copies from a local bookstore.

And, what do you know? There is an article! (You can read it online by subscribing to the WSJ Online.)

Article author, Kara Swisher, wrote a great piece about homeowners exchanging information on the internet called Homespun Expertise on the Web. She mentioned:

Enon Hall
This Decrepit Victorian

She also pointed readers towards some favorite sites of ours, including:

Hewn & Hammered
37 Signals
This Old House
Old House Web
Digital Home DIY

For new readers who are interested in starting their own HouseBlog, check out the article on how to create your own site over on

And, just a personal piece of advice. Remember...once you put photos of your scary kitchen on the internet...they're out there forever. Don't say I didn't warn you! :)

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I just logged in to let you know about the article. Glad you got the copies. It was nice to show my husband that I am not the only one who "wastes time" reading the house blogs. Congrats and keep up the good work. More than once the houseblogs have helped us in our restoration of our own "broken house".

You never know WHAT you'll find in the WSJ! (Just try not to hang out in Op/Ed!) At least they didn't run the photos of your kitchen the the story. Congrats on your continued fame and prosperity.

It`s great. I`ll told my friend`s. It`s my page

How cool. Now I need to get home and take some photos of my bathroom to show you all.



Very cool, but does this count towards MY 15-minutes of fame? I'm keeping a running total.

Grex--You are WAY past famous. You have attained legend status ;)

That's why I'm here! Read the article this morning and started a new blog on renovating our 50's ranch! Great blog...can't wait to become a regular reader!

Other people's houseblogs have been such an amazing resource in learning what to do (and not do) as we've started on our 1850's house. I love reading them! And I'm thrilled that they did an article about it, finally! :)

As a 20+ year WSJ subscriber, it is exactly these type of stories that make it a real pleasure to read - nice work Jeanne and Aaron getting mentioned and a real credit to your website - I love the "percent done" bars for tracking purposes (BTW, do they ever go "backwards" when you have setback?) and I wish I had done that for my basement crawl space project.


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