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OK, now we're talking! I can say that refinished floors are definitely right up there with painted walls in the satisfaction department.

The before and after payoff is just so gratifying....

What a difference a day (or four) makes!

You may notice that we actually went with a significantly lighter floor color than it was previously. Actually, the previous floor was so dark mainly due to aging of the shellac that was used--we don't think the floors had ever been refinished since first done 91 years ago.

The contractor did a few samples for us to help us choose, and we ended up deciding that a lighter stain would help keep the second floor very light feeling (and maybe even make the rooms seem bigger)...

Here are some shots showing the four corners of our bedroom at this point, going clockwise...

So, one more major milestone done! Now we just need to focus on stripping and refinishing the trim, build out the master closet, finish off a few trim details, and we'll be ready to move upstairs!

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Wow - they are beautiful! I really like the light stain, I think you're right - keeps the room feeling more airy.

Also love the lighter stain. It looks amazing.

Beautiful! Can't wait to see is all finished (and furnished).

Good choice with the color guys, it looks great! They look so smooth too. Be honest are you guys sliding around up there in your socks :)

very, very nice! love it!

goooorgeous. you are so right about the high satisfaction factor...that looks fantastic

I'm curious. That looks like a radiator connection in the one corner. If it is, it must be steam as there is only one pipe visible. The condition of the floor looks good in that area. Often times a water or steam drip over years will damage the wood. Am I correct?? POPS -30-

POPS - Good eye. Yes, that's where the steam radiator goes. There was in fact some water damage there but not horrible, so they didn't have to replace the boards.

Absolutely Beautiful!!

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I'd definitely be up there skating around in socks. ;)

Wow, looks great. Aren't hardwood floors amazing - after all these years and you can still refinish them and make them look new (and different than before). And I love how they continue out the door so it doesn't break the flow too.

Wow- definitely a huge difference. You will enjoy those floors forever! It looks so beautiful and clean- it will be a great place to end your day after working on the rest of the house. You're almost there- conrgats!

Your floors look horrible! No, not actually. I just wanted to say something different than what others have already said. The lighter color was a great choice. Looking at your floors, I can't wait to get ours done.


I have similar floors as your before pictures, but there are gaps here and there between various boards. Did your floors comes with gaps and where you able to correct them?


Christopher--Yes, there were a few gaps in our floor over near the radiator. The bad news is that simplying having the floors refinished won't address that. There are probably ways that can be addressed, but I'm no expert...sorry.

Wow, that is just gorgeous! This may just jump start my own often delayed plans to refinish!

Those pics make me what to go ahead and refinsh mine! ( My second total home remodel project)

Good Work!


Good service

I agree that the refinished flooring looks very, very nice.


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