Ikea Pax Wardrobes Installed

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We did indeed finish the installation of our new master closet wardrobes last night. Late last night, actually. The delay came because while moving one of the units in to the closet I accidently broke off the light fixture mounted on top.

Since there wasn't enough clearance to install the lighting after the cabinets were placed, I took a two hour trip out to the Ikea again just to pick up a $12 light fixture.

Anyway, even with the delay getting the cabinets done was certainly satisifying...

The trick was addressing a slight slope in the floor that initially set the wardrobes askew. The nice thing is that Ikea's design actually has adjustable feet under each unit, so it was relatively easy problem to correct for.

We're also pleased with the brushed metal and frosted glass doors. They add something unique to the look and they should wear pretty well over time. The only bummer is that the door handles we liked were out of stock, so we'll be waiting a while until the cabinets are truely complete.

From a few of the photos you'll notice we also made progress on the bedroom wall sconces, but I'll leave those photos for another day. I'm beat.

Good night!

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They look great & what nice floors!

Looks awesome- so clean and streamlined. And the lights are a great feature too. Great job.

It's not how we deal with things when they go smoothly that shows who we really are- it's when things go wrong that we find out what we are really made of. Way to go guys.

Wow, looks great!

Nice, neat, clean. Looks great with the wood floor!

I want a set to put in my moldy...closet...with a hole in it. Hmm, maybe not. Looks great, that space is going to be so relaxing and well organized, I'm horribly jealous.

wow!very nice! well done!


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