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A. worked like a MAN POSSESSED all weekend. Arms and legs FLYING! So, I'm a-crawlin' out of my blogging slump to write something.

Specifically, a big thank you to my best friend and helpmate who is SO talented and dedicated. Because, a little over two years ago, we bought this...


(That is our pal, Dave, and his lovely daughter...)


...which, because of extensive water damage to the plaster/raccoons in the attic/other issues, ended up snowballing into THIS about one year in...



...but he has taken us all the way back to THIS!


(It looks even better in person and smells divine, especially compared to Day One.)

It is difficult in the "finish work" stages to get any sense of progress. Tiny details take time and half of a day can roll by while you are still engrossed in the same corner of the same room.

But we HAVE made progress. And I wanted to remind him of what progress he has really made.

(By the way, he is staining and shellacking the wood windows back to their original color. We had two sets of windows on the second floor which had not been stained, so we had a template to go by.)

Have a good week, A :)

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Just gorgeous! I'm a long-time lurking reader who thoroughly enjoys all your progress reports - even when it seems like you're stuck in that corner. Because you know what? We've ALL been in that corner, literally or metaphorically, sometime in our lives.

Thank you for documenting your hard work for the benefit of the larger blogosphere.

I'm watching that window progress every step of the way--it's very inspiring! I just hope ours look as good when we get to tackle the job. You've come a long way!

It's really gorgeous y'all. The work you've done is amazing and i know you're thrilled to see projects wind up. I am officially jealous of you sumptuous woodwork.

Beautiful! I know what you mean here: "Tiny details take time and half of a day can roll by while you are still engrossed in the same corner of the same room."

you guys are awesome. sounds like you worked hard this weekend but i'm sure it'll be worth it in the end.

Rock on - we know first hand how drearily slow and tedious the finish work can be. It's hard to keep plugging along when you see very little change from day to day. Hats off to Aaron for pushing through. He's a very hard worker (as are you), and the progress you've both made is inspiring.

Sometimes it's necessary to go back to the old photos and remember what you started with. I do it alot!


I love the pictures of progress along the way. What a great way to re-motivate! It looks beautiful!

does this mean you'll be offblog for a while? :-)

it looks beautiful! i think you guys need to put some champagne on ice, in preparation for the first "100% finished" room on the house-o-meter.


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