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Thanks so much for all of the kind e-mails asking, "Where are you? Are you okay?" And I just want to assure everyone that I AM fine. I hope to return to blogging soon. SO many things in progress here...which means that it is probably time to let all housebloggers know that...

...pregnancy and home improvement (especially in the first trimester) really don't mix. :)

This is an unretouched photo of the kidlet in her 20th week. And, yup, it's a girl. Who will be receiving a PINK TOOL BELT at some point, we are sure.


Yes, HouseInProgress now has a KidInProgress...albeit a little sooner than we expected (as in, "before we moved to the second floor"). And the thought of nesting in this house makes me hyperventilate.

Aaron has been an absolute hero as he has had to pick up many of the projects I was working on because of fumes and so on. And because his big 'ol wife sleeps a lot more now, can't lift heavy stuff, and is feeling super clumsy. Though I still get to handle the lighter power tools! Well, as long as I can reach around myself I will.

So, now that the deadline of mid-January is bearing down upon us, we're feeling exhausted and motivated at the same time to finish up a few things. Ack! Moving upstairs, winterizing the house, getting the kitchen space in order.

A few friends have asked me if I will start a baby blog and I have decided not to. There are so many great baby blogs on the 'net and I've enjoyed reading them. News of the kidlet may pop up here on time to time as it affects work on the house and so forth. My heroine HANDS DOWN is ChrisC from A Fisherman's House who plunged into DIY and new baby with NO INDOOR BATHROOM. That is bravery, people, I'll tell you what.

Because having a clean and safe bathroom, kitchen and bedroom really never seemed so important, somehow. And, as ChrisC says, this isn't just for san-i-tary reasons...it's for san-i-ty reasons.

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Wow! Congratulations! The little kidlet will be picking up a hammer in no time!

Congratulations on the new addition!!

Congrats to you two! =)

Congratulations! Doing major home improvements and having kids is difficult, but obviously some people can do it and they are definitely heroes. Having watched you guys do all that you do, I know you'll be fine continuing to fix the house and deal with a baby.

that's great news. congratulations!

Congratulations Jeannie! That's great news!

Congrats, two major projects at once. Tip 'o my hat to ya!

Congratulations! I'm so excited for both of you!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both. I understand you're not writing a baby blog... but I hope you keep us posted once in a while! Take care!

congratulations to both of you! i hope your labour is as fast and painless as possible... remember- epidural is your friend! lol

That's wonderful news! Congratulations!

Oh, that is wonderful!
There seems to come a point in the pregnancy where you feel like super woman ( or maybe that was just me) Can you picture this? On a ladder, painting the ceiling of the nursery with clouds at just over 7 months pregnant....It's quite the visual, no? ( Belly out to there, butt out to there...feet poppin'out of the shoes....) Just let Aaron paint ceilings! Good luck , congratulations and best wishes to All THREE of you!

Congratulations! Absolutely wonderful news. Our little addition is coming up on a year next month and has been our best project yet. Get as much done as you can right now--the time for house projects will be much diminished come January!

Very happy news! Congratulations!

We're thrilled to join the family excitement for you both and pray for a very healthy, normal baby girl. Now, please be advised that we have a gift for you - a cradle which was made about 25 years ago for Nate, and then Wes and Tristan. It will allow you to have the baby nap on the first floor and thus save lots of steps. We will burn the new baby's name and date on the bottom to keep the tradition 'going'.
Gram Kathy & Gramp Keith

Congratulations! Babies are always good news!

A baby - how wonderful! Everyone will tell you that your life will change dramatically, but you won't really believe it until it happens.

Pregnancy in ANY trimester can be downright frustrating - trying to bend in places that just won't bend any longer. We just had our second child (a son) July 24, and my husband insisted I take a year off from any renovation (especially stripping woodwork).

Take care of yourselves and here's hoping for a safe and uneventful pregnancy, labor and birth.

And what a great gift/tradition from your grandparents!

Congratulations on the wonderful news!

Congratulations you guys!! That's wonderful and exciting news!!

wow! that is big news!! congratulations. a word of advice (because i always have at least one word of advice)---it will be YEARS before the baby will want to be more than 3 feet away from you. so, as much fun as it can be to plan fancy nurseries and playrooms, etc, it won't really be a priority to the child. she'll just want to be with mommy and daddy. so worry about fixing your kitchen, living room, etc, before you worry about child space. you can have the most beautiful nursery in the world, with murals and baby furniture, etc, etc, but she'll want to be underfoot in the kitchen, playing with the tupperware...

Congratulations!!! As you have approached completion of the second floor, I've been wondering whether an announcement of this sort would be forthcoming (home renovator's intuition?). We have a January girl (she'll be three) who likes to pick paint colors and play with tool belts and tape measures. Truly, she will be your best home improvement project yet (and that's saying alot!)

Congratulations! :)

sending you guys blessings!

And because his big 'ol wife sleeps a lot more now, can't lift heavy stuff, and is feeling super clumsy.
And all this time you kept saying it was insomnia that was keeping you awake at night! Insomnia must be Aarons pet name.... Anyway, seems that you found a cure!

Yay, Jeannie and Aarron! Sending lots of prayers your way for a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery. You know, babies absorb a tremendous amount of info in utero, so you never know--working on the house while pregnant could produce a toddler handyman (or woman).

Yay, Jeannie and Aarron! Sending lots of prayers your way for a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery. You know, babies absorb a tremendous amount of info in utero, so you never know--working on the house while pregnant could produce a toddler handyman (or woman).

Congratulations!!! I've been reading your blog for quite a while and love it. We are also renovating (although not nearly as cool a house as yours) so it's been nice to watch your progress, especially when it feels like we aren't getting anything done, at least someone is! I am also pregnant (20 weeks - due end of Jan 2006) and I know exactally how you feel. My husband has had to take on some of the smellier and more chemically tasks that I would normally do but, bless him, he does it without complaining. Now you will have to think about a nursery. Again, congrats! Make sure to keep your readers updated on your progress.

CONGRATULATIONS... OH can't wait to see the nursery being built....

CONGRATULATIONS... OH can't wait to see the nursery being built....

So that is where Jeannie is?? So glad to hear it that it is off with happiness albiet some uncomfortableness. Prayers for a healthy and happy baby and an easy delivery. Congratulations to you both. Aimee

Wow, I must have been on vacation when you posted this - CONGRATS! That's such terrific news. And what a cute bump you've got.

Whenever someone asks when Teague and I are planning to have kids, our answer is "when the house is safe enough"... which buys us TONS of time :)

Congrads guys!

yay! Ikea has so much cute kid stuff!

hoooray! an addition that doesnt require demo first!!! congrats y'all!

Thank god, you've decided against the whole baby blog thing. On your links you have that one women with her "who head" blog of her daughter. It might just be her ignorance of the issue or maybe its her pride getting the best of her. But pedophiles just love those blogs. I just never got the whole thing about putting your life on display blog thing.

Yahoo! That is great news. I hope you are feeling well and have a quick and healthy pregnancy.

I'm tickled pink for you!!I'm so happy that you'll have the time to build a nursery. I can't wait to see the results. I'm having so much fun catching up on your blog. I really missed a lot. The upstairs looks AMAZING. I love the colors you chose.

Wow! That's fabulous news! Congrats! You guys will be wonderful parents. Cheers, JoAnna


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