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As planned, our new mattress arrived yesterday and sure enough--it fit up the stairs! And so after one year and four months of work, last night we actually slept upstairs in our master bedroom!


It probably seems silly, but I really think we can't believe this milestone has finally come.

We've just been living so long in haphazard conditions that it's hard to imagine it could be any other way. I guess when you wake up every morning looking at a mural of maps and 1950s football posters you come to believe that's just the way life is...

But sure enough, all things do eventually come to an end. I don't think we've felt more relief about anything since we first moved in. Sure, there are still things to do--our bedroom needs proper curtains, for one thing--but those small things can all come in good time.

For now, we're just basking in the simple pleasure of actually regaining some sense of balance back in our lives...the kind of joy that comes from waking up in a clean, organized, and well-kept space.

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Congrats! Job well done!

Congratulations! I've really enjoyed reading your blog (and even using a few of your vendor recommendations!). It must feel great after waiting so long.

Very cool! My wife and I are still living in the "wallpaper room" as we call it. We want to fix up the room across the hall to be our bedroom. That room has wood trim(some form of very clear softwood with nice grain when stripped) and will most likely have some shade of green on the walls. I was wondering if you had the door hung in your room yet and if you could post a pic of your finished master BR looking at the closed door(you currently have one without the door). I'm curious to see how the wood trim and door look together as your trim design is similar to ours.

Congrats, guys! Believe me, after waiting nearly four years to move into my upstairs bedroom, I _know_ EXACTLY how you feel. I hope you took/take the time to engage in a small personal ceremony. Relax and enjoy!!!

we lived in what we referred to as the toxic apartment since we sold our house and moved from out of town while building this place. having just achieved zen after 3 yrs of remodel zoo there it seemed like we would never get in here. the toxic apartment seemed to grow clutter and the boxes multiplied like bunnies. They would fall off of the cabinet tops in the kitchen while i was cooking(what few meals we cooked). They multiplied in the spare shower stall. The first night that we slept without having to remember to watch our step when getting in and out of bed for all the boxes underneath and around the bed was so unreal. Congratulations on all your hard work. Now let the fun begin, I hear the all night feedings are just as challenging! Congats again Aimee

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh I love the smell of accomplishment in the morning!!!!!

Congrats! The room looks great!

Congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing your progress with all of us. I found your site about three weeks ago, and I've now read every entry to date. My eyes are bloodshot, I've neglected my family and friends, my own house is still in wrack and ruin, but I've loved every minute of it! And what a nice way to arrive here at the newest entry with the two of you...a baby on the way! Hooray! And a beautiful, comfortable and relaxing bedroom. Now, let's all take a nap....

That is so awesome!!! I am really happy for you guys. Believe me I know that feeling from our kitchen remodel saga. It's like being in the ocean swimming for an island and finally getting to it isn't it? SANCTUARY! at last!

Not silly at all! We worked so hard on our bedroom and then slept for a while with the mattress on the floor in the living room while we waited for our first real set of furniture to be delivered (it was on a slow boat from China). Finally it all fell into place! Even now, 4 yrs later I remember the awe of first waking up in the bedroom we created, with everything fresh and 'new'.


Congratulations. I think many of us can relate to celebrating the seemingly little things. For me it was using the giant bath tub I had stared at for 2 years. That was one of the most refreshing and rewarding baths I’ve ever taken.

Congratulations! I love the new bedroom! Of course, when I told my husband you spent your first night there last night he said, "That's more information than I need." I knew he was better off not knowing how much time I spend here...

Congrats- what a beautiful space to go to sleep to and wake up to in the morning. It was a long process, but a wonderful end product. Way to go!

Must be such a good feeling. The end result is stunning. Great team work!

After all that hard work on the window trim, I think leaving them undressed for a while is a just reward!
Great job y'all!

it looks wonderful! don't be surprised if you find yourself standing in the doorway of the bedroom on a regular basis, gazing at the room like it's a national momument or something. you will never again take a beautiful environment for granted, after living through such a rehab project!

as far as curtains---i'd go with a shade mounted inside the window casing, so that your woodwork gets the attention it deserves. you could go with vintage roller blinds, contemporary honeycomb shades, or classic roman shades, depending on the direction you want to take. i've used interior-mounted shades in three of my old houses, and i've been really pleased with the way they show off the woodwork while giving you light control and privacy.


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