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Someone asked me recently if we had finished taking photos of everything that was left behind in the house. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is still a LOT here. Sigh. In the attic. In the basement. In the garage. In fact, there are things in the attic that WE haven't even seen yet because we haven't been able to get back there. Gah.

Until I get the energy and time to begin hauling things out and photographing them again, here is a site to check out...


The Chicago Antiques Guide..."What is it worth?" It's like an Antique Roadshow for your computer!!!

I "met" Brian Meyer (on the phone) when I thought we might have the room to conduct an estate sale in the house to get rid of everything in one fell swoop. (Alas, we did not...too much construction going on. I didn't think we could make enoug room.) But we had a GREAT conversation. Brian is extremely knowledgable about antiques and vintage things. He's also a crackerjack estate sales organizer...they take care of EVERYTHING. Even display cases (if needed) and disposal of any unsold items afterwards.

So, if you are curious about "old things" like I am, check out Chicago Antiques Guide. Need to have an estate sale or interested in attending one in a city known for having really good stuff? Check out Somerset Estate Sales. And tell Brian that I said hi!

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Speaking of Chicago antiques, I consider myself to be one of them. Not the oldest,for sure, but getting there...POPS -30-


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