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For every construction job, after "occupancy" occurs, there are always things that need to be finished. Thus, the final "punchlist." Our own project is no exception...we still have things to finish upstairs even after we've moved in.

The difference here is the incentive system...while a general contractor works hard on the punchlist so that they can get that final check, we already scored our payoff when we moved into our new bedroom. People who visit us definitely notice that things aren't necessarily done. ("Uh, shouldn't there be a door here?") However, for us, the space is so much better than where we've been living for the last two years that the risk is that we'll now sluff off and ignore the little final things that need to be done.

So, to keep ourselves motivated to actually finish the job, we've created the formal "Second Floor Punchlist" to itemize and name the things we still need to complete.

In order of expected completion, here they are:

#1: The Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
This one is pretty easy...we've got the cabinet and parts from Van Dykes, we just need to install it. A good weekday evening project.

#2: Re-Attaching the Radiators
It's been a bit cooler in the last few days, but so far all of the work we did on re-insulating the second floor has really paid off because we've been able to get by without turning on the heat...which wasn't really an option, anyway, since we haven't re-attached our radiators yet. At some point, I'm guessing we'll need them again. (Just a hunch.)

#3: Master Closet Sliding Door
The closet is installed and we've got a pocket door's even stained, but it still needs a shellac finish (we ran out).

#4: Door Trim
We still haven't finished the trim around the entrance to the closet, nursery, or the doorway joining the nursery and master bedroom.

#5: Window Blinds
For now, a king-sized sheet is doing the job but we're thinking we'll need to class up the joint at some point.


#6: Nursery Window Trim
We finished most of the trim refinishing, but for some reason we didn't do much with the windows and trim in what will become the nursery. We'll definitely have to get to it some time before late January when the baby actually arrives.

#7: Master Bathroom Jamb Extension
The wall between the bathroom and hallway has been thicker than the original ever since I sistered the entire wall. As a result, we'll need to extend out the jamb a bit.

#8: Hallway Base Trim
This one simply wasn't finished because I don't know the appropriate length for the board until after the bathroom door jam is extended and the face trim is applied.

#9: Quarter Round Base
This isn't critical at all, but it will do a nice job of covering up small gaps here and there where the floor meets the wall. Not a complicated job, but it can't be done until the entire second floor base trim is finished.

#10: Hallway Windows
Not critical and almost exclusively cosmetic, so this could easily end up taking awhile.

#11: Electrical Outlet Covers
Um, definitely something we should take care of before the baby arrives...

#12 (woops, almost forgot): Re-Hanging the Doors
Right now we hardly notice, but we've got to re-hang three doors. The tough one will be the master bedroom entrance, where we need to reverse the door so it swings in and to the left instead of to the right.

There you have it. As always, we'll report progress as we get these things done but don't let us get lazy and forget about them!

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Get the outlet covers with a built-in swiveling/sliding thing that blocks the outlets from prying fingers, forks, etc. No choking hazard and the outlets are always covered up when not in use. They're more expensive, but so much safer.

long-time lurker

Better yet find yourself a baby proofer. Baby Solutions in Chicago can probably direct you to one. Call them at (312) 733-2229

Wow, your floors are gorgeous. Is the bed leg propped on a piece of wood to protect them? We're completely insane about protecting our beloved floors from furniture.

K - Actually, those pieces of wood are under the bed to prop them up higher than the headboard...someone said it was helpful during pregnancy to help with circulation. That said, we're insane about protecting our our newly refinished floors, too... ;-)


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