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Thanks to StuccoHouse, we found out today that we're mentioned briefly in the latest issue of the Twin Cities Bungalow Club newsletter. Cool! Welcome to anyone who might have arrived here via that article...we haven't seen a copy yet but hope to.

For any new visitors (or anybody who cares, for that matter), we haven't posted in a few days but fear not..work continues. I've got a full six coats of spar varnish on the front door now, so it should be ready to go shortly. I'll post pictures tomorrow...

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Hi there! Love the house and love the blog. Just wanted to say hello. Our house here in the Twin Cities is also under some renovations but thankfully the previous owners have done nothing too drastic to it, so our job is *relatively* easy.

Nice bit of trivia for you, if you look at the Twin Cities Bungalow Club graphic, ours is the 3rd house from the left. 1925. Looks nearly the same today, minus the dark details which are currently dull white. But not for too much longer!

Anyway, thanks for the blog, it helps me stay focused.



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