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Someone over at Blogging Baby recently confirmed that we're not the only ones who are worried about having young kids around during construction. The difference is that we don't currently have the budget or time to pull off the full gut kitchen renovation that she's doing.

And so, instead, we offer up the latest twist in our bungalow renovation oddessy.......Kitchen Makeover, Trading Spaces style!

That's right, in the spirit of the seminal quick fix DIY show we're doing a superficial facelift of our kitchen to clean up the grime before the baby arrives.

The Goal? To clean up the kitchen, repaint, and put everything back in a more organized way in three days.

The Challenge? Well, isn't it obvious...?

The Twist? Like the show, we're going to have special guests to come over and help us with the work...Jeannie's parents!

(Not the most current photo, but they are STILL this stylish and good looking.)

With the baby's due date creeping ever closer, we've gotten them concerned enough about the state of our living arrangements to inspire them to drive all the way from Virginia with a drill and paintbrush. Isn't family great!?

So, we'll be blogging regularly over the next three days as we try to get everything done. Cross your fingers!

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I fully understand the desire for a clean, organized space. I look at your built in cabinetry with longing for the originals that were removed from my bungalow. What's behind the microwave...? ironing board cabinet?

eric--We don't know what that was originally (an ironing board is a good guess) but at some point someone configured it as a shallow built-in to hold spices.

Ooh, fun! I eagerly await the mad-dash renovation posts.

When you are done you are going to need MORE refidgerator magnets. Maybe you should start with a numbers set, it's a little early for the alphabet set but you might want to get it anyway....

I don't think I've seen your kitchen in a looong time. I really like your cabinets! And the trim around your doors!
Recently, I've been seing lots of kitchens with the woodwork/cabinets painted black - the idea intrigues me, but I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough to do it with my own kitchen!
Can't wait to see what you come up with! Maybe it will inspire us to do something with our kitchen :)

Personally, I love the look and color of the orginal cabinets! People pay to have restaurants painted that greasy, smoky look on the walls. Yes, definitely the spice cabinet was a pull down ironing board! About magnets, NO until baby is older-choking hazard! When I had my 2nd baby 11 years ago, the medical insurance actually paid for 6 hours of a cleaning lady after my C-section! Awesome-I had her clean floors,floors and floors! Black cabinets-Please NO, NO, NO! Happy Baby!

i'm sure a quick paint job and some rearraging can work wonders. you have beautiful built-ins to work with. good luck.

It's a good thing TS got rid of Paige Davis so that you don't have to find someone to volunteer and be an annoying hinderance to your project in true TS fashion!

I look forward to seeing the final product.

Nice HW floors I like the wider plank. What type of wood.. HeartPine? I'm a new on-looker so not totaly framiliar with your projects yet. But you have inspired me to log my/our upcoming restoration.

You will get it done.

I actually quite like your kitchen... it needs bit of updating, but nothing that can't easily be fixed. I would start with a light/fan that drops down about 6" lower. I would also buy a counter-depth refrigerator to the frig seems less disruptive to the space (I did this in my own bungalow kitchen and it made a WORLD of difference). That and maybe a new stove and some fresh paint and you are set!


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