The Quick Fix Kitchen Makeover, Day Two

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The second day of our Trading Spaces-style kitchen makeover was a rewarding one, although not very flashy. Basically a lot of priming and painting but not a lot of finish work that would make for good eye candy yet. Just a lot of painting action shots...

What we do have is more fun gadgets we've found helpful (or at least neat!)...

First off, Jeannie's dad picked up some spackle that changes color to indicate when it's ready for painting.

It starts off pink, but as you can see the outer edges that have dried in this photo turn a normal white.

Second, Jeannie's new found love is this paint edger (also brought by her dad).

Paint is applied by replaceable pads, and little roller wheels allow you to apply paint right up to any hard edge without risk of getting paint on the other long as you don't get paint on the wheels, that is. ;-)

It's been perfect when trying to use two different colors like we are between the walls (SW's Cafe Au Lait) and the trim (a creamy white Jeannie found and had SW do as a custom color).

By the end of the day we'd primed everything with Kilz, and gotten a first coat on most of the room. We've got a lot to accomplish on the final day of our three-day makeover, but we're within striking distance of getting everything done that we wanted to.

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One thing I always did was to keep a key hanging near that dead bolt lock. & don't remove it. EVER!! It's hard to find a key when the house is on fire in the middle of the night..POPS -30-

I love that edger too! I recently used it for some interior painting we did, and it was awesome! It made everything so much easier. Recently, though, I noticed one with a handle at the hardware store - that's got to be a major improvement. Keep up the good work!

I am going out right away to buy that cool paint edger! I am painting our nursery this weekend in an effort to get ready for our baby, and the idea of not having to tape off all of the trim work is really appealing to me and my very large belly! Thanks for introducing us to another handy gadget!

We are more connected than we think, my family! Joe and I stripped wallpaper in our kitchen this weekend and are about to paint. Those 1930's walls sure aren't smooth. Now we see what the wallpaper was trying to cover up! Cracks, inconsistencies. Character, right?
Last night we went to a potluck and realized not only had we accidentally matched shirt color, but the sage green paint idea had seeped into our psychi and dictated our choice of what to wear. My advice? Don't wear cafe au lait for the next week!

Hey, sis! Going to post those photos on your Flickr account? I'd love to see them. :-)

Wow I love the spackle that changes color. Good because I'm always so impatient to get the painting started. And the edger is very cool. This whole kitchen improvement is going to make you feel a lot better. It really helped us to spruce up the 'dungeon' last Spring. Can't wait to see the results.

Okay, I have 2 questions:

What is the little metal rack hanging on the back door under the new window?
What is in the tall built-in just to the right of the back door? Ironing board?

Adelaide-The door has a metal rack on it that seems like it was originally for hanging towels, but I'm not positive. The built-in next to it was probably originally an ironing board but it's since been converted to a built-in spice rack.

My neighbor came over the other day to ask if I knew the trick for good edges when painting. I said yes, dashed into the basement and came back with that very tool. I sent her to Home Depot for replacement pads for it and within an hour she was back at my house screaming I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!

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