Quick Fix Kitchen Makeover, Redux

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So, after lots of good input we made our choice to address our messed up kitchen floor...

I'll admit I was a bit skeptical about solving the problem with a large rug, given that it's a work area with lots of food, liquids and all. Now that it's there, though, I'll admit it works better than I expected...so, I guess this serves as my public apology to J for dragging my feet on the issue. :-)

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The Marmoleum is beautiful. I've been wondering what I will put down in my kitchen since the real linoleum is no longer made and I haven't seen any vinyl patterns I like but this stuff appears to be made of pretty much the same stuff as linoleum. I wish they would come out with patterns from the 30's and 40's. Looking at old Armstrong linoleum patterns makes me so envious of the choices they had back then.

Just love those colors!

Is that the Crate & Barrel rug? I have it in green in my kitchen. It's really amazing what it can cover up... easy to vacuum it too.

Dragging your feet on the issue?... oh, Aaron!

I invoked the power of IKEA on my kitchen floor, in the form of a big blue rag rug. It occasionally gets a spill or two, but it pops right in the washing machine, so no big deal. It's a year in a half old and I'm thinking I'll keep it even when the bare floor has been cured of the 3" long splinters it likes to produce now.
Yours looks nice with the wood and the Red Panel of Mystery.

Megan--Actually, Jeannie got it from Pottery Barn.

fiestaware finally came out with a real red last year, called scarlet. it is a gorgeous red, and it would look fabulous in your kitchen. i think it's time for a new set of dishes...


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