Quick-Fix Kitchen Makeover, Completed

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A bit of luck today--Jeannie checked the Ikea website (you can now check what is in stock ONLINE before you make the trip! Thanks IKEA!) and the cabinet set we wanted came in early. So, I took a drive by their store after work tonight and after a few hours of labor, and a little fudging on how it was designed, we have a new cabinet that triples our counter space AND hides the radiator underneath.

With that, our temporary kitchen makeover is done...just in time for Thanksgiving!

You might have seen some of these photos in earlier posts, but we like how things turned out so we're posting them again anyway. A review of the project is down below, too.




For those interested, here's a recap of what we did:

It will still be several years before we can afford the full out kitchen renovation we've got in mind, but at least until then, we don't feel like we're living in squalor while we wait. :-)

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What an amazing transformation in such a short period of time! I'm inspired!

it turned out so great! i want to do a trading spaces makeover on both our kitchen and living room- the two rooms that we spend the most time in, it's just a little harder when you've got little ones around and pretty much only have the time when they're sleeping or not in the house... i guess you'll find that out soon! ;)

Hooray! It really looks fabulous. Clean and white and tranquil and uncluttered and somehow still cozy, all at once.

Hi guys,

Your stove is in kind of a dangerous place, especially if you will have young children around. If you can find some kind of barrier on the left side, that is fireproof, to protect any child standing there from accidental spills or splattering, it might be a good idea.

Never design a kitchen with a stove directly adjacent to a passagway, and always have some counter space (or a wall, if you must) on either side

Don't forget when you design your new kitchen to consider life-safety issues as well.

Where de you keep your fire extinguisher? It should be handy, right near the range. I know you've already started kid-proofing the house. Don't forget the kitchen.

Marty-- Everything in this kitchen is in the worst place ever. In fact, the fact that the stove is an old electric stove with burners that are difficult to tell when they are turned on is just the beginning. I could list a million things. It's hard for me to have OSHA training from my undergrad degree in engineering and not cringe anytime that I think about it. Trust me...any new kitchen would be nothing like this one.

Wow-the kitchen looks great! What an awesome mental boost! Can you reverse your fridge door to save steps? Happy Thanksgiving! My current house(rental) will not allow me to fully open the oven door because it runs into the refrigerator! Cooking dinner for 22 people will be a little challenging. (My kingdom for a dishwasher!) As mom always said-"If there's room in the heart there's room in the home!" Blessings!


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