Chicago Cab Medallion c. 1928

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It's been awhile since I've had the time or energy to do a "What on Earth?!" entry, although there is still PLENTY of stuff left in here to document.  But this was really too good to pass up.  We found it when we were (yet again) cleaning out more of the garage a couple of months ago.


It's a taxi medallion from a 1928 Chicago Cab that is nailed to our garage wall.  I'm amused by the "35 M.P.H. or less" qualification" as I've been in the back of cabs trying to beat the clock for a departure from O'Hare.  Hee.

What was happening in Chicago in 1928?

The "Straightening" of the Chicago River

Al Capone was still doing deals in Chicago, but moved to Miami, only to orchestrate the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in February of 1929

Well, actually there was still a lot of crime-related activity going on in Chicago, even with Capone in Miami...and there was even some coverage of Chicago cabbies in Time Magazine in 1927...

And, what did a taxicab look like in this era?  Probably something similar to this one...

Ah, the Chicago History in this house.

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Very cool! And now I want a car like that.

I am wondering if it is actually, 35 Horse Power or less? Not that I have anything to go on, but that could actually make sense back then.


I think that is not a taxi medallion, but a vehicle tax for a plain automobile. They issued those in the 20s before we had decals. Also a taxi medallion has the word TAXI on it.
As to Jeff's comment about the horse power, under 35 is correct.In those years cars were rated on what they called brake horsepower,that is standing still. Today they use developed horsepower...POPS --30--


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