Window in the Shower Recap...FINALLY!

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We have gotten a LOT of mail over the last year or so asking us to show pictures of the window in the shower.  I always mean to get around to it but forget, or can't find the camera, or something.  I got my act together this weekend (well, about this anyway) and finally have those photos.

For those of you who may not remember, we had to deal with a window in the shower of the first floor bath which had been boarded up.  It was framed in with crumbling glass block and was in terrible shape.


Why, yes, the tile was already OFF of the wall when we bought the house.  Nice eh? 

We eventually got rid of the (dangerous, crumbling!) glass block.  Originally, it had been a double-hung window for ventilation purposes and the weights were still in the wall.  We don't know when the previous owners put in the glass block.  Here is how we handled the replacement:

And (just because I'm always taking extra steps to protect stuff...I hate doing work over), we hung a narrow piece of opaque shower curtain liner over the window.  We would never have gone in this direction had we not installed a heavy duty ventilation fan in the bathroom to make up for the ventilation lost by blocking up the whole window.

Here are the close-ups of window, tile and such for your enjoyment. :)




The tile pieces are trim pieces of the Greenwich subway tile pattern available from American Olean.

And the fabulous tile work? Why, by the famous Chicago tile guru, Paul from PMc Rehab.  Of course.

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Looks MUCH better than before. I like the marble slab on the sill - nice touch.

I agree with Kristin. Marble good.

Wow, that looks AWESOME!

My last house had a window above the tub, so I never converted it to a shower and lived for 12 years without an actual shower.

The marble is not just a nice touch, but I'm sure will prove more practical. Without grout joints, it will be easier to keep clean and MUCH less likely to leak and fail.
I'm printing that picture, tracing it, and labeling it for use in drawing sets.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally posting these. I have the exact same situation in my bathroom. Will be using these for reference.

We put in a granite ledge- very much like you did. One thing you could do if you were inclined. We had a fabric shower curtain liner (like a hotel shower curtain) hemmed so it covers the window opening but doesn't hang down into the tub. We take alot of baths in our tub and it looks nice this way. I am sure you have plenty of other things to do (esp. with the baby coming!) but just thought I'd mention it.

Looks great


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