Pushing our luck

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We had a struggle of a weekend to replace windows, move forward a little on house details, dig up holiday items that we haven't seen for four years, get supplies, get some decent sleep and so forth.  At the last minute tonight, we decided to get our first tree since the first year we were married.  Nothing in the living room is currently torn up so we felt we could manage it.

We hiked out into the dark, snowy Chicago night.  Me, in my sweatpants and mocs, all huge and off-balance and third-trimester-ish.  Aaron in his work clothes (the ones with tears and holes and stains and such.)  We decided upon a "reasonable tree"...nothing expensive or too tall.  We hauled it home in the car (the one that has broken windshield wipers) and Aaron wrestled it into our old tree stand.

Finally.  Peace.

Candles were lit.  The tree was watered.  Aaron cooked dinner while I steamed blissfully in the shower upstairs.  I padded back down in my socks to make some hot chocolate.  There was Aaron, curled up in a chair, candles warmly glowing, munching from a bowl of homemade Pad Thai, the dog snoozing on her bed.  I leaned my head against the door jamb and inhaled the scent of pine.

"Do you remember this room last year?  Heck, the whole house last year? It was a disaster.  And now, much better."  I sighed contentedly.

And the tree immediately fell over onto the dog. 

I need to shut up more.

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FIX THE TREE!! My wife is Thai & her Pad Thai is excellent!! POPS --30--

We ended up tying out tree to the curtain rod. Probably a good idea with a 2 year old anyways. Mmmm pad Thai

Oh no- I hope it stays standing for the rest of the season!

Nice little slice of life you've presented here. I can kind of relate this one to us sitting and enjoying the tree on Friday night after a long busy week and then hearing the sound of rain INSIDE THE HOUSE (see my Oh My God post). Life!

and Homemade pad thai? I'm impressed!

Hee hee, great build-up to the tree-falling moment. It sounded so lovely and peaceful until then! :)

And next year it will be falling on the baby...

I laughed out loud. Nice. :)


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