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After our little mishap the other night, we decided that the tree really is a metaphor for our experience with the house.  And so, we present our 2005 Christmas tree...before & after!

The Christmas tree before.  Notice the leaning, the lack of any typical ornamental detail, and the leaky tree stand.  (Yes, that's painters tape on the window behind.  My, what sharp eyes you have Grandma!)

The Christmas tree after.  Notice the new, stable stand (with 'easy pour' feature, no less), the squared up tree relative to the original structure of the sun room, and the decorations chosen to specifically compliment the original intent of the Christmas asthetic.

And as a bonus for family and friends, it's the mom to be.  :-)

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Looks purty. And I didn't notice the painter's tape- but I did notice those windows! woohoo!

I forgot to mention that cute pregnant lady!

Maybe a new year's baby? My sister's due date is 1/4 but she's running late... :)


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