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I know that Aaron hasn't had the time to write up the STORY of replacing the door, which is a very interesting tale with many photos.  However.  We have been asked again and again (and again!) for news of the front door and I am inclined, as this is the holiday season, to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

So here it is...our door when we first hauled ourselves up the steps of the HouseInProgress back in 2003:


And the door, after it was installed but previous to the waterfall of a few evenings ago:


It's a Christmas miracle.

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Gorgeous! What a difference a door and all your other hard work makes!

Not to mention all the new brick work, the planters,etc. Very nice... POPS --30--

Yay the door pictures (finally grumble... grumble) It looks so much more inviting. Well done :)

OMG, that is Bee yoo tee full!

So beautiful!!! Thank you for satisfying my curiosity!

We are remodeling our house right now and I am looking for a door just like that one. CAn you tell me where you found it? Thanks. BTW, I love the web site.

Sher - It's called the Craftsman Three Lite II and it's made by Simpson.


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