New Year, Same Pain in the Neck

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Well, it's 2006. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm really thrilled.  It's just that I've got the same muscle pull in my neck that I had last year--three days ago, that is.  The reason is that I was crawling around in our attic crawl space this past weekend and, again, did something that I probably shouldn't have.

Aside from relaxing, we spent some time over the holidays cleaning up around the house.  That included some pretty hard core cleanup in some of the rooms we've been using for storage for the past two years.

I'm pretty sure our initial motivation came from not being able to find our Christmas lights.  Only after going to Target to pick up new ones did we later come across the old ones.

From there we went on a rampage emptying out in all our storage spaces...the attic crawl space, the first floor room still without a ceiling, the summer porch.  By New Years Eve, they were all empty, with everything finally fitting into either our basement or the garage. (THAT'S progress.)

After emptying, we went on to organizing.  This was probably prompted by the coming baby, to be honest.  Jeanne thinks I've contracted the male version of the nesting instinct.  Where as for women, this might be stereotypically related to painting the nursery, for me it's about getting lots of clear storage bins from the Container Store.

And finally came the cleaning.  Clean bins need to go in to a clean space. For the first floor this was just a matter of vacuuming and dusting, but for the second floor the unfinished attic was more problematic.  Our solution?  4 mil construction plastic!


 This is where we get to the neck pain.  Specifically, I think it was when I was twisted like this:

It didn't seem bad at the time, but by about 7 pm on New Year's Day I only had about 20 degrees of motion to either the left or right.

Using the heating pad and then taking a trip to the whirlpool at our local health club did make a difference, but I'm pretty sure I looked a bit uptight at work today. 

Well, since we cleaned up, we were able to find the heating pad...

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I hope the neck is better soon- that's not fun. It must feel good to have everything organized!

Ug~ sorry to hear about the neck, but it sounds like you made huge progress. At least the neck-ache came after you were done with the house-work. Nothing like lying in bed the next morning trying to psych yourself up to finish up the thing you just hurt yourself doing.

When I wrenched my neck a few months ago (bending under my desk to plug in my iPod), I was told to use ice, not a heating pad, for the first few days. The strain makes the muscles inflammed, and the heating pad makes the inflammation worse.

Sounds like a big pain in the neck!! POPS --30--


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