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Since I haven't been able to begin any projects that would take longer than 15-20 minutes (the amount of time segments my life has been reduced to in these first months), it was BACK TO THE ATTIC!

Today, we took the opportunity to use a vintage Jay Bee Baby Scale to weigh the munchkin...


Grammy is lending a helping hand.  Thanks Grammy!

Such a cute scale!  But it only goes up to thirty pounds and the kid is already eight pounds now (at three weeks).  Nooooooo!  She's growing too fast already!


So, some things from the attic are darn useful!

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OH MY GOODNESS. She just gets cuter and cuter... Look at that hair and those cheeks...It is too much cuteness to bear.

Oh I want one--the scale and the baby! Both are adorable.

She is the cutest thing!! Don't worry, 30lbs is a ways off. You can use the cute scale for a little while longer trust me.

Great photo! How cute is she on that scale?

Oh, she is just adorable. Now that I have a destructive 30lb (too big for the Jay Bee Baby Scale!) 15 month old, I do miss those newborn days. Of course, I do emjoy sleeping all night long. ;)


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