What is it worth? Um, more than we thought.

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Way WAY long ago we found an interesting turned wood bowl in the house...it was one of my "insomnia discoveries".  And we packed it away offsite for safekeeping.  I've always been meaning to go back to it and get some idea of what is what worth.  That was almost three years ago.


So, I wrote to my pal, Brian, at the fabulous Chicago Antiques Guide.  Brian is "in the know" about such things.

If this is true, we may just be able to get the footing for the sunroom fixed sooner than I had hoped.  (You'll have to click on the link to see the surprise.)  And digging through all of the trash left in this house, as well as having to clean over and over and over again, will have been worth it.  It may have even been worth sleeping in this room, with no heat or ventilation or light, for two years.

So, remember!  Turn over those things you find in your house!  Look for those marks!  Someone's trash really CAN be treasure after all.

By the way, Brian and his team organize estate sales.  So, if you are looking to sell your treasures or seek out some new ones, sign up for their email notices for upcoming sales.


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That's fabulous!! ! What a thrill!

The funny thing is the PO thought they were getting over on you by leaving without taking all their junk with them. You know what they say about s/he who laughs last...

Wow! That is so cool. It's just like Antiques Roadshow!

awesome news!

CHA - Ching


Hey, a few more like that and you will have got your house for free! I'll take a rebate like that any day!

Perfect - you guys have earned some good karma. I have a few antiques sitting around that I ponder now and then when money gets tight, but I've got no trustworthy connection like Brian to help me put a value on them. Lucky you didn't take it to some random dealer or sell it at a garage sale!

That is definitely a FIND!


good things do happen to good people! yippie!!

Neato! What luck! Much deserved luck, of course. :)


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