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We had another surprise today when my Google News email subscription picked up a reference to 'houseblogs' in the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Sure enough, Norma Shattuck has written a nice piece on houseblogs that references this site, as well as several of our fellow housebloggers like House Made, Raise the Ranch, and Serendipity House.  Fun!

Her article casts the recent phenomenon of houseblogging in the context of a century-long home improvement trend: "Though modes of living change, a predisposition to make works-in-progress of our living spaces seems to be a constant in the culture."  The article goes on to detail a pretty interesting chronology of the urge to 'do it yourself,' including the fact that the phrase 'do it yourself' was first coined by an unnamed magazine in 1912. 

Personally, it's beyond amazing (and kinda funny) how both this article and the recent New York Times piece position houseblogs in the context of cultural and literary trends--these people are much smarter than I.  :-)  It's certainly flattering, but when you've spent a weekend pulling raccoon poop-saturated insulation out of an attic it's hard to imagine that you're doing anything culturally significant.

Anyway, if it's your first time here then welcome to our little site!  If you want to look around, the About Us page is a nice place to start.  If you happen to use a feed-reader like My Yahoo, you can subscribe to our site and be alerted of new updates by clicking here.

Furthermore, if you're interested in this whole "houseblogs thing" then you might want to head on over to Houseblogs.net, where you'll find over 230 other home improvement journals just like this one.

Thanks for visiting, and have a nice day! 

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Wow! Houseblogs is becoming quite famous! Be prepared to sign autographs soon. :)


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