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Tomorrow night, we begin our coverage of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show here in Chicago at McCormick Place.  A few of you have made requests for new ideas around the following:

  • Storage ideas for small spaces
  • Countertop materials
  • A modern "foot" for a clawfoot tub

Anything else?

Part of the work of preparing for the conference has been sifting through the enormous amount of vendor public relations correspondence and trying to decide how to make the best of our time there.  We've been meaning to get to our new post office box to pick up our mail related to the show but didn't make it there until last Saturday.  True to form, we forgot our post office box number (First! Time! Users!) and stood facing a wall of little doors with our two keys and absolutely no idea of what to do.

So, in desperation, we began trying every single little door with our keys.  It was like a game show where the prize would be....(drumroll)....OUR MAIL!  Finally, an exasperated voice from behind the boxes called out, "Um, can I help you?"  "Yeah," I called back."We forgot our box number."

Now, everyone in the post office lobby was staring at us and thinking, "What morons."

The helpful, invisible post office clerk took our name.  "It's about TIME you came," he groaned from behind the rows of little doors. Aaron glanced at the alarmed look on my face.  Post Office Guy gave us the number of our box and we opened it.  The box was packed full.

However!  In the midst of all of that paper and cardboard?  Some surprisingly nice schwag!  Like these uber cool coasters from Fuego Living (so we have something to put our plastic cups on):


And this keen oven timer from TurboChef:


If you aren't familiar with TurboChef, they manufacture very, VERY high end ovens.  Sleek design.  Tons of neat features.  Very professional.  Which is why putting it on top of our inherited, extremely punk stove which doesn't ever cook anything correctly (note the painter's tape for reminding us of the dials that operate the back burners) feels kind of, I don't know, awkward.


Poor, brave little oven timer.  It's slumming for sure in OUR kitchen.

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We have a very small kitchen that was designed to have the icebox out on the back porch. Despite being reconfigured by the previous owner (or maybe because of), the standard refrigerator seems to overwhelm the space. What options are available for counter depth refrigerators that don't look like they belong in a dorm room or studio apartment? Thanks, and have fun!

Would y'all mind checking out the ironing board closet things for me? Specifically are there any that will work in a space with a 7' ceiling? (We're worried that you can't mount one so that it will fold out at working height with a low ceiling.) Thanks!

It does look kind of sad up there. Maybe you need to name it so it feels like it "fits in" better :)


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