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Well, it's the morning after our first day at the KBIS Expo and we're wicked tired.  Our initial plan was to 'live blog' the whole show just like we did with the Swatchbox Gathering the first night.  Then we got home after 12 hours walking around the show and, well, that just ain't happening.  :-)

Even more importantly, we arrived home to find a neat distraction...this site and houseblogs.net are mentioned in today's Washington Post!  The article--Building Blogs--talks about home improvement blogs in general and focuses in on DC area housebloggers Nightmare on Elm Street and The Home Improvement Ninja.  Congrats to them!

So, we're decided to delay our detailed "coverage" of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show by a day so that we don't flood the houseblogs.net latest 100 entries with a ton of the kitchen and bath products that we saw.  For now, we'll just put a few teaser photos and comments here to whet your appetite...

After one day, we've only covered a third of the showroom floor.  The square footage is enormous and the crowds were too.

The show is an interesting combination of exhibitor spectacle, shiny chrome surfaces, sleek design, gawk-worthy kitsch, and some product innovation sprinkled in here and there.  We're expecting to write up a fair amount of all of that, but it will have to wait as we're off now to attend the second day.

Here are some phrases that give you some impression of the first day and what you have to look forward to in the detailed entries later:

Chrome, chrome, chrome, enamel, chrome, chrome...

Small and flexible is in...small kitchen owners rejoice!

HUGE hasn't gone away though.

The Italians have kitchens that kick bootie.  I'm just sayin.


Wow.  Huh.  There are a lot of Amish folks here.  Does McCormick Place have horse and buggy parking?

Newsflash:  You can now live in your shower 24/7 and still accomplish most everything that you do now.  Practically.  (Kramer was ahead of his time.)

Fish in the toilet?  Fish on the toilet?  More on that later.

Oooh shiny!  Ooooh pretty!  Ooooh feels nice!  Oooohhh...

See you tomorrow!

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