KBIS Day One: The Madness Begins

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After rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn, grabbing coffee and sprinting to the car, we sped towards McCormick Place only to come to a screeching halt in bumper to bumper traffic on Lake Shore Drive.  Of course, the computer with Photoshop on it had died last night, I couldn't find my cellphone, and we left the printout of our schedule back at the house...but hey!  We're housebloggers!  We're used to the cycle of "Hurry up!  Wait!  Unforseen glitches!  MacGyver it and press on..."

After getting our press passes and our cameras tagged, we joined the press corps in the age old conference ritual called "The Stuffing of the Fed Ex Boxes" in a room where entire forests go to die. The press kits were overflowing with good information...about 60 pounds total of good information.  So, we stuffed three Fed Ex boxes and then took them back down to the trunk of the car to save on shipping costs.  Because we are frugal that way.

And so, it began...

By the way, I have never seen so many (Amish? Mennonites?) in my life outside of Pennsylvania.  On second thought, they must be Mennonites, yes?  Because Amish wouldn't be interested in a conference that features running water perhaps?  Though, I am not up-to-date on my Amish culture. 

I bet they are wearing more comfortable shoes than I am at this thing.  Lucky ducks.

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They could be Amish--I'm guessing that if there's a lot of stuff about cabinetry and carpentering, it could be relevant to them. They're famous for woodwork, especially down here in our area (Tuscola/Arcola/Arthur) and in Indiana, and even if they don't use running water and appliances themselves they probably need to know something about them.

As a frequenter of and sometime booth "babe" at very large, high-tech exhibitions, I should have warned you to wear sensible shoes!


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